Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

Queen Is Dead autographed by Morrissey! Framing was added by me this afternoon :)

IMG_1460.jpg IMG_1461.jpg
7" Test Pressing of William. The second picture attempts to show the red ink on the edge of the label that was later used for the promo issues!

Philippines Everyday is like Sunday 7", and Now my heart is full US cassette single.

Aly, does your EILS Philippines 7" have two black marks on the other side?
I'm new to collecting Morrissey stuff and I've been starting out with some CDs, particularly sealed ones.

I recently bought My Love Life CD (sealed), Interesting Drug (Japan sealed), Rare Tracks EP Japan (sealed), and Boxers CD single (sealed).

My mailbox was full today

"Stop Me If You Think You're Heard This One Before" German Black + White version
"Ouija Board" UK promo


First line:
"Our Frank" Dutch version with Morrissey written in black
"Bona Drag" Taiwan version with obi (sealed)
"First If The Gang To Die" UK CDr promo

Second line is just filling holes


"Ask" German 7"
"Stop Me If You Think You're Heard This One Before" US promo
"This Charming Man" Reissue from 1992

In my order from Recordstore I got an A4 hardboard copy of the artwork of Moz boxing - did everyone get this?

Alas it was un-signed.
I've been looking for these card-board versions for a long time.

CDM "The More You Ignore Me" 724388114424
CDM "Hold On To Your Friends" 724388143929
CDS "You Have Killed Me" CD-R


I'm still looking for card-sleeves versions of "Alma Matters" and "November Spawned A Monster". Anyone has a spare to sell ?
the smiths vinyl
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