Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy


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I got my RSD QiD 10" in the post today courtesy of an ebay seller with a reasonable BiN :) I looks lovely. I don't want to open it because the pink RSD sticker is on the outside of the cellophane...

Also picked up a copy of the HMV / Parlophone 3xCD set from Crash Records in Leeds at the weekend.



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Thirty Quid! :eek: from my local Glasgow shop.

Joined the queue at ten past eight this morning, freezing cold, with about 40 or 50 punters already there. Finally got in around half nine, picked up the Suede demo debut 7" and the Edwyn Collins&The Drums 7", and asked at the counter for Queenie, only to be told they'd only got one copy in and it had already gone! "But I pre-ordered it", I squeeked,"Like ten days ago, my names in your order book, check the book!" By now only canines could hear my pleas. Just then the boss man emerged from out back with a shiny sealed Ten Inch Queen and laid it before me. The bloke next to me at the counter pointed at it with a gaping mouth - "But you said they were all gone!" ~ "This is for regulars mate." If Boss Man hadn't had a greying soul patch I would have kissed him!


It's a bit of a pity it's all sealed up cos I'd love to open it and check out the lovely gatefold with two 10 inches, the matrix message, the mastering, etcetera.
But it's just too perfect to pierce :crazy:
is this on one record, or is/are there 2 records? the gatefold is throwing me off.

joe frady

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is this on one record, or is/are there 2 records? the gatefold is throwing me off.
I doubt if I'll be opening mine.
But somebody else did and said it's just the one disc. It actually feels like one disc. Bit disappointing.


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I don't think I've ever posted on this thread before. I've never bought anything of note, but, this shop I went in today could make a collector of me I think.
From a local music shop which I decided to explore properly for the first time today, on a whim.
Your Arsenal cassette. It has a scratch on the case, but that doesn't bother me. The guy in the shop said he had This Charming Man and Heaven Knows...on vinyl but couldn't find them today. But, he will get in contact with me and will also give me first dibs on all future Morrissey and Smiths stuff he gets - Nice! :D



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I also managed to get the RSD QiD 10" off of Ebay for a reasonable price. I'm trying my best not to open it. Not sure how long I'll last though...

Oh, and I bought The Malady Lingers On the other day on VHS from Oxfam Online. Lovely.


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I got Oye Esteban last week from the American amazon site. It said there were less than 10 copies left, and it didn't say there were more on the way, so I realized I had to get it right away.

Including shipping and handling, it cost 21 dollars.

Overall, I was satisfied. The majority of the Tim Broad-directed videos are gems. I especially love Every Day Is Like Sunday. Most of the others are pretty good as music videos go, although I found The More You Ignore Me one to be very 90s in the worst possible sense.
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