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vaca peluda

Pissed Aunt Sally
This Midlake ltd to 300 vinyl/CD boxset:

Its so beautiful I don't want to open it:crazy:
I saw that in Wire magazine the other day and must of spent half an hour dribbling over it. Is it good though?

Arab Strap - The Week Never Starts Round Here

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros



I've been looking for that Quicksand record for years. It has the How Soon Is Now cover (which is not on the CD).


Oh well...enough said
Pet Shop Boys latest studio album YES. I used to love their style and their music ( I collected them at one point) till The Smiths and Moz came over. The album YES was actually released nearly a year ago.
Cheers Moz


And I watch Home Alone...
i think the last music i bought was "animal" by ke$ha with the remains of a best buy gift card my girlfriend's step dad gave me for christmas.



Sonic Youth/ICP(Not the Juggalos)/The Ex
And The Icarus Line is brilliant, I highly suggest them. Like The Stooges meets 90s Hardcore/emo.
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