Your last non-moz-concert?


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The Boyfriends. f***ing shite!

GOing to the Metro weekender on Saturday.... more for a laugh than owt else.

Echo & the Bunnymen, Badly Drawn Boy, Complete Stone Roses (who are actually better than the Stone Roses as the lead singer can actually sing live!) Bez Djing, Peter Hook DJing, De La Soul (!!!- can't wait) and wiat for it... The Farm!!! HA HA HA.

Also Snow Patrol are headlining. Yaaaaaawn.
The Young Knives and The Pipettes are playing too!


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Wait! Gogol Bordello are from New York?
Are you sure?

Aw, what a rip off if it's true!


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Dirty Pretty Things at Slims. I wasn't terribly impressed by the album, but Carl was AMAZING live! It also helps that he has subtle Smiths/Moz references in his songs.

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My last was Depeche Mode. Prior to that it was Velvet Revolver and before that Godsmack.

Will be seeing Godsmack and Zombie next month.


Richard Ashcroft @ Portsmouth Guildhall.

It was really good as he done some classic Verve stuff.

But he really is a miserable shit.


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dallow_bg said:
Wait! Gogol Bordello are from New York?
Are you sure?

Aw, what a rip off if it's true!
They are from New York, but are immigrants of Ukraine and some of them Russian I think. There's nothing rip off about them. I believe they have real gypsy blood in their veins. I listen to a lot of traditional gypsy music, and I hate fake-ethnic music. Gogol are real and they rule!
Go see them live and you will know ;-)


Frank Turner and Beanz On Toast at the Barfly in Camdon. Absolutely blinding, as usual. I couldn't believe how busy it was, he's getting really popular!!!

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An acoustic performance by a group of people playing gongs, singing bowls and stringed instuments. Can't remember all the names but it was fantastic. They built up the gong sound from gentle thrum to a brain frying white noise that took me out of all time and space. (I don't take drugs).

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Godlovesugly said:
The red hot chili peppers! in coventry
i also saw "!!!" which is pronounced "chk chk chk"
and i saw dirty pretty things...all in the same night

Chk chk chk were good but they were a bit too over the top for me very camp and a lot of jumping around

Dirty pretty things were o.k quite liked a few of there songs

But the highlight (obviously) was the red hot chili peppers
they were amazing from start to finish and i loved the solo from john frusciante of "how deep is your love" it's fantastic i'll upload it onto here later actually

Yeah loved it :D my nephews first concert too he loved it also
The only thing that bothered me was seeing all the people leaving before the encore and EVEN leaving while they played the encore!! :mad:
Couldn't believe it!!

Anyway twas great load of bottle throwing too!:eek:

EDIT!! : How deep is your love - John Frusciante.mp3

I love John! Thank you for this. There are some nice videos of him doing some solo stuff (on youtube), I would post them but I am too lazy! One day maybe I will do a Frusciante thread :)
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