Your five best live bands?


Sonic Youth
My Morning Jacket

... for today.
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Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
The Cure
Kristeen Young
The Who
and, believe it or not...
Crosby, Stills and Nash. Yes!


In no particular order:

  • The Dave Matthews Band - one of those bands that are far superior live over studio recordings.
  • U2
  • Jimmy Buffett - either you "get it or you don't", come to one of the tailgates and concerts to give it a try.
  • Billy Joel
  • The Rolling Stones (I agree with the person who saw them in 96. I was at Giants Stadium in 97. They were amazing.)

Honorable mention goes to Phish, Morrissey, The Cure and the Beastie Boys. Phish is in the same genre to me as the DMB so I picked one. Morrissey shows are too short in my opinion and they are hit or miss as it always depends on what type of mood he is in along with a similar setlist night after night. The Beastie Boys are amazing and would have been number six.
Honorable mentions


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Moz-if i drive up to LA, he SUCKS every time he plays San Diego
The Cure-3 hour sets, multiple encores and very few duds
Throbbing Gristle-oddly crowd pleasing and danceable...and Gen showed us his tits!
Rebel Rebel-shitty band, awesome shows
Friendly Fires-damn that guy can dance!

disappointing live?

Tindersticks-technically a good performance, but they barely throw you a bone when it comes to playing the favorites

The Horrors-played the new album from beginning to end, no frills. hoping they'll do better later this month


King Of The Mews.
Laibach - I saw them in my home town, Colchester, at the Arts Centre - a converted church that holds around 500 people at the very most. A truly atmospheric and enjoyable gig that didn't disappoint when it came to playing the best of their 90s ouevre.

PJ Harvey and John Parish - this was only a few weeks ago, but PJ has such stage presence, it's rather spellbinding. Parts of the concert were joyous to the extreme.

My Bloody Valentine - a great set followed by 40 minutes of what was pretty much white noise. Brilliant.

Boris - Managed to sneak in to the venue 3 hours before the gig started, so was able to see both Boris and the support rehearse and do soundchecks, which added to the whole experience. The encore was Farewell, which may well be my favourite song of all time.

VNV Nation - The "banter" between songs was actually very funny.

Worst live gigs have been Sisters Of Mercy and IAMX. SOM were just appallingly crap, Andrew Eldritch could barely be heard, plus some old punk decided to have a go at me for talking. IAMX was all show and no talent.


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Mmm - who would I unhesitatingly buy tickets for, on the basis of past peformance:

Depeche Mode
The Cure

I've got U2 and Crosby Stills & Nash coming up so I'll make my own mind up. Still waiting for Steely Dan.


Angel of Distemper
The Cramps
The Butthole Surfers
Marc Almond

Honorable mention: Eisnsturzende Neubauten (brutal), and Psychic TV (They played a show so stunningly transcendent that, even all these years later, people who were there shake their heads in wonder :bow:).
I'm cheating...some of these are live shows from video.

Kate Bush...about a dozen costume changes. Probably lip synching.
Jeff Buckley...just an amazing talent. What a tragic loss.
Kix...maybe the funniest, most entertaining frontman since Diamond Dave.
Heather Nova...enchanting. Voice of an angel.
Kiss...when their Dynasty show came out on dvd; I did a victory lap.

Honorable mention...the Replacements (when sober), U2, Rush, Alice Cooper.
WTF? award...Oasis...I've never seen a singer so not care about an audience.
Concrete Blonde was a great live band, too.
I'm guessing best live band & best live show may not be the same.
The point is moot...the answer to both is The Who :^)
Oh, and nugz...try searching Heather Nova on youtube to find the song.


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Not in order...

New Model Army
The Wonder Stuff
Franz Ferdinand
Reverend Horton Heat

bonus: Brian Setzer Orchestra


It's all good
Not in order...

New Model Army
The Wonder Stuff
Franz Ferdinand
Reverend Horton Heat

bonus: Brian Setzer Orchestra
Waiting for someone to say NMA.


New Model Army
Napalm Death

Not often you see Napalm Death & Morrissey listed together...
Kinda reminds me of Axl Rose wanting to tour with N.W.A.
But I digress...if this was a live SHOWS thread; I would have said Morrissey.
Quite frankly; the only BAND members that really stood out were Moz & the drummer. To me, anyway...
Trans Siberian Orchestra is great live.


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In no order

U2 (can anyone honestly disagree?)
Depeche Mode ( always put on a great show, minus the exciter tour era)
Morrissey (ive never been to a bad moz gig, though i have heard some stories)
The Rolling Stones (always always always an amazing show to see)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (have you seen them live? incredible, see them on tour now!) :cool:
Yeah, they suck.

My top 5...

Machine Head
Life of Agony
Funeral for a Friend
Protest the Hero

And I'm sure Moz will be in there once I've finally seen him in May.
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Viva Tom

Wall of Arms
Frank Turner
Hail frank turner

1. Morrissey
2. Nine Inch Nails (shame about music)
3. Queens of the Stoneage
4. Arcade Fire
5. Frank Turner

Worst (just throwing it in there)
1. Metallica
2. Razorshite
3. Interpol (as much as I love them)
4. Angels & Airwaves
5. The Used

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