Your favourite Moz YouTube videos?


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I was searching around last night for a particular Maladjusted Tour video to play on the TV here (from California I think?) wherein Moz takes the stage and they go wild, but couldn't find it. There's a great The Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils, and the backdrop is the two guys in the swimming pool; Moz is wearing these beige/brown trousers. That's all I can remember.

Full show recommendations appreciated. Shout out to LarryRulz videos, too, a fellow Bruce fan. That Forrest Hills video is unbelievable.

A personal favourite is the Stockholm 2009 vid, as a lot of the footage resembles my own standing points at a few 2009 shows at Stirling and Glasgow. A lot of atmosphere in that video, and memories swarm back at me.

Any recommendations appreciated.
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