Your Arsenal spectacle - video compilation


I got inspiration to do something arsenal creative, celebrating the re release of one of my fave albums.

Your Arsenal spectacle

transferred with LG vhs to dvd recorder
Ripped from the dvd's to vob files, having the same video/audio settings as the original.
Video: resolution 720/576, bitrate 9000kbps, frame rate 25.
audio: ac3, 255kbps, 44khz, stereo.

TV stuff, excellent/very good quality. Most of the tv stuff is from the Retrospective 92 & UK tv comp compilations.

1. Instore signing, michigan
2. Fatty/Certain people (jay leno show)
3. You're gonna need (mtv 120 minutes)
4. Suedehead/Glamorous glue (saturday night live)
5. MTV news
6. We hate it/Fatty (late show)
7. Interview/Certain people (hangin' with mtv)
8. MTV: Skin problem

9. Madstock, Finsbury Park, London, UK 8.8.92'

Good audience recording

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Glamorous Glue
Girl Least Likely To
National Front Disco
November Spawned A Monster
We'll Let You Know
Sister I'm A Poet
You're The One For Me Fatty

10. Limelight, New york 24.10.92'

Very good audience recording

We hate it when..
Sister i'm a poet

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