Youngest was the most loved Single release delayed until 5th June?

Joe Dolan

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I rang my local HMV today to make sure they get in the 7 inch of the Yougest was the most loved for me, amd was told the release date was the 5th of June not 29th of May as previously stated. also gives the 5th of June as the release date, but the HMV website is still giving the 29th of May.

Sandy Shore

Good, I dont get the state-money until June 1.

All formats as always! Do you know when the two 12" is out?

Or where to get the Earls Court vinyl LP?


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Doesn't sound good to me. Record companies always change release dates when they are worried about promotion. Maybe they can't get any radio on board.


Has Forgiven Jesus
May 29th is a Bank Holiday in the UK, perhaps that has something to do with it? Long shot I know... but it's the only reason I can think of...

In any case, it's only a week delay - we usually get our releases the Friday before the UK does, Joe Dolan, so pencil it on your calendar for June 2nd!
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