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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lanterns, Aug 11, 2019.

By lanterns on Aug 11, 2019 at 2:19 PM
  1. lanterns

    lanterns the original

    Nov 19, 2014
    there is new news on mozcentral.
    okay, here...

    YOUNG THE GIANT. - Morrissey Central
    August 11, 2019

    The Forum, Los Angeles

    " … just … just … magnificent. Catch them if you can. Sameer is the best singer in the world today. And yesterday. And tomorrow."

    10 August 2019
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lanterns, Aug 11, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      I haven't listened and never will but yeah his generation listen to music that sounds like the rolling stones.
    2. The Anti-Tokenist
      The Anti-Tokenist
      Tokenism is window dressing for those in hiding of their bigotry in plain sight. Don't bother, Mozzer. We've not forgotten the penpal letters Johnny Rogan revealed in 'The Severed Alliance' all those years ago.
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    3. Nigel L Bevan
      Nigel L Bevan
      I'm sorry they lack talent, sound like lots of bands I've heard a million times before. I'm a believer of everything is "Remake, Remodel" this to my ears totally falls into my theory. If people get excited by this, I salute your taste. Just isn't mine.
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    4. Anonymous
      Sorry Peter, I have forgotten - do please take time out of your busy day to remind me.
    5. Anonymous
      That goes for most things these days and not just music. You spared me a listen.
    6. Amy
      hahaha! Brilliant and spot-on.
    7. Anonymous
      Another fawning, overstated love-letter from the King of drama queens. Young the Giant are ok. The singer is ok. The band is marginally more competent than Melvis’ but really? The best there is and the best there’ll ever be?

      Moorissey wouldn’t be such a try-hard fucking clown if he didn’t know that he’d already signed his own warrant. The career death-rattle becomes ever louder.

      “Please like me. I like you”. LOL! What a fucking chump-ass LOSER.
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    8. Mayfly
      Wouldn't that be commercial suicide though, at least in the UK ?
    9. em emerald
      em emerald

      i am getting so many vibes from this song.
    10. em emerald
      em emerald
      sorry but i like this song. who am i kidding i love the song.
    11. Anonymous
      Thank you for that riveting insight into Mozs career and personality.
      Your words say a lot more about you actually.
    12. ACTON
      How do you mean? They'd have to split the ££ down the middle? I never really thought about that.
    13. Mayfly
      What I meant is that Suede might get a lot of bad press in the UK from teaming up with Morrissey. Artistically it would work well of course, but the press these days does not care about the art, it is just the Moz's personality that they are after.
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    14. Anonymous
      Do they now? ...actually?
    15. AztecCamera
      Bull Ox! Sir California Son was not at the LA Forum and he was not at The Sunset Marquis with that hot blond!! I reckon he was photoshopped at The Sunset Marquis to make him look like he was standing in front of his table and the painting of him with the baby!! Reckon I have it on proper authority that Sir California Son was at the Right Said Fred concert (Joy Order opened) at the Thatcher Forum in Mank August 7, not the LA Forum. He does not live in LA. America is not the world!! Serb says fat people eat hamburgers mate inn n nnn nn nn nnnnn nn nnnnn chipper curry cunt tit thick.

      Nigel Whales Hogg III
      Strepthroat, Mankchaster
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    16. Anonymous
      I have to say no one cares what you think.
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    17. The Vengeful Milkshake
      The Vengeful Milkshake
      To be given approval from an individual whose career's in a terminal tailspin will be the kiss of death for Young The Giant's credibility.
      As for the usual hateful responses from the usual sources, thanks once again for showing us the insecurities that fuel your bigotry. Perhaps you should borrow a 'Girls' DVD from your local library, if you need to vent the frustrations you have so clearly. Hipster Nazism went out with Charlottesville (ironically named after the black Queen of England and Consort to George III) in 2017, don't you know? :thumb:
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    18. FantiQ
      Reminds me of when i saw REM in 2008 and Stipe came out and introduced the opening act, saying their album was in his top 5 favorites of all time! I don’t even remember their name and I doubt Stipe does either. It’s called balleyhoo. There’s no telling what Morrissey owes that Chicarelli guy.
    19. bhops
      I suggest you pop a valium and have a lie down.
    20. pandaproducts
      Listening to this more deeply, I've come to appreciate the instruments. I still have no idea what Morrissey sees in the singer, though.

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