Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM
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    In a NYD t-shirt. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought some may be interested.


    Post by MadeinSalford:

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    1. CrystalGeezer
      Brummie, you're like a mouse with a cracker. Determined to bitch about Morrissey. It's weird. I mean, what do you want? If Morrissey sat down and went through brummieboy bootcamp and lived exactly as you thought was ideal, what would you tell him to do? What would shut you up?

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    2. Peterb
      Due respect and all that, but neither myself nor a number of posters here are 'projecting themselves onto Morrissey'.
      If I may add, it's pretty arrogant of you to assume you can know such a thing.
      As for the rest of the post, well it's a lot of words saying nothing.
      You've had better moments on the forum.
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    3. BrummieBoy
      Exactly! Is this a discussion forum or a shrine?

      As for the amount of time I supposedly spend here: nonsense. I spend weeks without posting and intend to take a major hiatus until the new album because, guess what haters? I have a life! As a family we're off to London for a few days to catch a couple of Taylor Swift shows, do some shopping, have fun. She's easily as talented as Morrissey and, thankfully!, my 15 yr old daughter has her as a role-model, not decrepit bogus creep Morrissey. Then it's Ragnarok-Jorvik Viking Apocalypse, Rome, Dublin, etc, etc. The reason I've been active on this site is because I've spent 25 days in January bed-ridden with

      1] chest infection requiring antibiotics
      2] sciatica
      3] achilles tendon injury

      That's it! No "Mom's Basement on Disability" cliches, I'm afraid. Same as it usually is. I only post here when nothing else is going on. And when I am posting here, I'm usually earning £$£$£$ as a day-trader as well. This is just light-relief between deals. Believe it or not: why would I care?

      For the record (and until I return in time for a new album/tour) I happen to love Morrissey's voice and lots of his lyrics AND love his almost total mid-life meltdown into a figure of ridicule. It's only pop music, it's not ART. He's not important, neither is this site or the people who post here, including me. Get over yourselves, get a life. It's later than you think!


      ps: don't try and have the last smart-arse word cuz I'll snap back. Maybe not for months, but i will. Laters!
    4. BrummieBoy
      BB Boot Camp for Morrissey:

      Day 1: Either adopt a vegan diet/become a Jain or STFU about "Meat Is Murder", ya tosser!
      Day 2: You love the UK/Britain: When were you last domiciled here for personal/corporate tax purposes?
      Day 3: What's your problem with sexuality? Why do you issue a denial of 'homosexuality' and edit your silly book for the US?
      Day 4:

      Day 16:

      Not sure I've got time for this, but you get the picture..I don't care how he lives his life, i just don't put up with mouthy mancunians talking crap, just how we BrummieBoys roll..
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    5. CrystalGeezer
      Being vegan doesn't mean being more compassionate. You realize the computer you peck at all day is glued together with horsehooves and oil industry shame? Do you want him to NOT change people's minds about what they eat with his words because you know he takes milk with his tea? You want him to be more LOYAL to a country? You want him to exercise blind patriotism? The same blind patriotism that barbequers exhibit when it comes to the "tradition" of firing up the grill for a sports event? Do you realize the first two things on your list are mutually exclusive requests? He can't win with you. You just want to hear yourself yammer.
    6. BrummieBoy
      You're not projecting yourself onto Morrissey but maybe "Anaesthesine" is. The more desperate the attempts to defend Morrissey WITHOUT actually answering the charge sheet (veganism/tax/sexual denial, etc), the more fun it gets. Evading the issues by waffling on about a lot of bluster about how Moz is really some utterly impenetrable, myterious Edith Piaf figure beyond rational analysisdoesn't really cut it for those of us anchored in consensual reality.
    7. BrummieBoy
      As usual, you've melted down into cult Stockholm Syndrome theatrics rather than answer. You asked, so I gave you an opening list.

      It doesn't matter if he changes people's minds about eating meat if he eats cheese/drinks milk: it's the same process of torture/slaughter.

      Your comments to evade his "tax efficiency" are beyond ridiculous. Do you think Switzerland is a vegan country? The US? Sweden? Or any of the other places he hangs out in as a tax troubadour? He constantly claims he has the right to stand behind the Union Flag, but why? If he doesn't even pay taxes here, why should anyone take him anymore seriously than the right-wing UKIP nutter "ex-pats" in Southern Spain complaining?

      No wonder he hasn't 'granted' an interview to the UK press for 7 years: they'd eat him alive. As I'm doing!

      What the hell is "oil industry shame" about? Norway? LOLOLOLOL!
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    8. Anonymous
      What really doesn't cut it is using the word 'anchored' and the phrase 'consensual reality' in the same sentence. What next: 'definitive horoscope' or 'genuine clairvoyant'. As for your 'charge sheet', must Morrissey pass muster on every level? Can't we just like him despite his faults? In fact, why can't we be blind to his faults? Hero worship is no bad thing, so long as it doesn't lead us over a cliff edge. It's no more damaging, no sillier than any other kind of love, is it? Why pick away at the things that make people happy? It's a short and ridiculous life. People project meaning onto all kinds of things.
    9. CrystalGeezer
      You are not eating anyone alive, you are spazzing out so someone will pay attention to you. Whenever you start defining your reality it's a sign you're losing it. If your concerns about Morrissey's tax-paying habits are of legitimate concern to his contribution to society, you CLEARLY are missing the point of his voice, his music. You're like a victim of your own Stockholm Syndrome but instead of a cult leader, some bizarre mispaced jealosy is pulling your strings and making you appear like a deranged caricature. Come back in an hour and read your posts.
    10. BrummieBoy
      Anchoring oneself in consensual reality is the exact opposite of 'definitive horoscope' and 'genuine clairvoyant' as you very well know. FAIL!

      Yes, enjoy him and his works. I do! Get drunk with your mates like I do, rush down the front, sing along, play along with the delusion then, unlike your cult hero, get back to life, back to reality...I really mean this. There IS a place for escapist entertainment, like Disney films and Morrissey CDs, but there's more to life than just getting smashed and pretending that the puppet on stage is some sort of political/cultural Outsider when he's just another Corporate Rock Whore.
    11. BrummieBoy
      Read your own posts, dipstick! Oh, the irony of YOU above all others attempting to claim the voice of reason. Hilarious.You are in no place to pontificate about the 'point' of his music or contribution to society, neither is Anesthepam or the rest of the cult myrmidons. Jealous of what? Morrissey? Why would I be jealous of an unhinged clown?

      - - - Updated - - -

      PS: 'spazzing out' is disablist. you should know that, given that you don't like being called obese. Again, the usual cult dynamics of trying to label me disturbed and unhinged for calling out the cult dynamic as disturbed and unhinged. And, as always, ain't'gonna work!
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Because he's better at it than you. But you try, oh how you try. Here's some sexy tips compliments of escapist Disney movies that you may not have picked up listening to Morrissey CDs. We know you need all the help you can get, bb. :flowers:
    13. BrummieBoy
      Oh, yes. Oh, dear..I understand. So, you've taken this twink photo of Morrissey after confession at St Patricks and you use it with these Disney 'college humor' links to get ready for your astral plane sex rendezvouz with...*vomits*
    14. CrystalGeezer
      Nooooo. I use a vibrator and imagine modern day him whispering Candy Crush words into my ear, tyvm.
    15. BrummieBoy
      That's something foryou to share with your pastor and/or your therapist. Not with 'consensual reality' or you may find that 'realitybites' you back with a *vomit* for over-sharing/TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!
    16. CrystalGeezer
      Apparently you didn't get the memo that I am hilarious.
    17. Anonymous
      That's NOT Dublin.

      It's in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.
    18. Anonymous
      We could go back and forth endlessly, but let's not; it's tedious, not to mention annoying for those who have to read it. However, I stand firmly by my previous statements:

      I said that you often use broad generalizations to express your opinions; you respond by proposing a theory that proximity to the stage at a Morrissey concert correlates to a person's physical features. Since beauty is personally and culturally subjective, that would be extremely difficult to qualify. I'm fairly certain you don't have any empirical evidence to support this theory. You end that thought by stating that I am undoubtedly included in that group. Again, this is a statement that can't be substantiated: you don't know what I look like, you don't know whether I attend his concerts, or where I prefer to sit/stand in a venue. The purpose of that remark was to make a personal attack on me. If you want to be viewed as the master of debate on this site, you need to be armed with facts, not irrational theories, conjecture, or personal insults.

      I questioned your ability to 'debunk Morrissey' because, by definition, that would mean that you have provided some new and startling revelations that affect the collective opinion of the man. Your criticisms are not new; you've stated them repeatedly; in fact, you just listed them again in this post. More importantly, everyone here has access to the same information and will formulate their own opinions concerning Morrissey. Whether its positive, negative, or ambivalent, those opinions are usually quite steadfast, and no one else is likely to change them.

      I stated that some of your posts suggest a level of insecurity, an opinion that others have also voiced. Your stock response is to tell us all how intelligent you are, how great your family life is, that you live in a posh neighborhood, that you have a great sex life (by the way, most females would probably agree that a man who admits that his only concern in the bedroom is what a woman can do to service him is probably not going to be a great lover). People get insults hurled at them constantly on this site (frequently by you) but you seem far more aggressive in your attempts to contest them. It may or may not be the case, but these protests read like desperate insecurity, as does your need to be the loudest voice and the poster with the definitive opinion on all things Morrissey.

      You advise people to ignore you; yet, you go after others like a heat-seeking missile. You invite debate, then in the same sentence declare yourself the winner before the debate begins. I'm done with this thread, not because I'm avoiding your possible response but because this is last week's news and it's time to move on. In spite of our heated exchanges, I do hope that your health improves.

    19. Playcat2000
      I think "You're the one for me Fatty" is more appropriate.
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    20. Mozza220559
      Nailed it.

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