Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM
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    In a NYD t-shirt. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought some may be interested.


    Post by MadeinSalford:

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    1. BrummieBoy
      The Right Hand Lovers. A good name for a band. One that was formed in Norwich around 1978 which featured Paul Whitehouse. Or was that Hackney 5-0? Can't remember. Not important.

      I wonder if Playcat2000 has ever actually had sex. With a human being?
    2. Playcat2000
      Gratifying? Really? Did you ask him? You’ve probably never been to one of his shows. You just come here to troll everybody and stir up shit. Loser. Yeah seriously WOW!
    3. Anonymous
    4. gavin30
      fuckin' twat!
    5. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      Moz looks so gentle and Happy in this pic, the camera never lies! Unless like todays pics they are all airbrushed and this obviously wasn't! Auntie Mary looks so true and nice too IMO. Mary is also attactive, is she Mozzie's mother's sister? (his mum was also a beauty) Now I know that there are many twisted, bitter, scarey and oddly obsessed keyboard warriors that comment on Moz (they have so much more time and energy than me)but at the end of the day he seems to give and recieve a lot of love from normal people (not including myself I might add ha ha)
    6. BrummieBoy

      u mad hoe?

      - - - Updated - - -

    7. Playcat2000
    8. Anonymous
    9. Playcat2000
    10. Anonymous
      Wow, Brummie Boy is perplexed by what women find sexually attractive. Is anyone really surprised?

      Beauty and physical attraction are subjective perceptions, so it shouldn't be surprising that we can have diverse opinions as to who is or isn't sexually appealing. For me, it is Morrissey's dichotomy that makes him so attractive. Part of his persona is shy, delicate, emotive, the kind of man that women feel compelled to love and protect. The other half is ruggedly handsome, swaggering, and a bit of a bad boy. This is the man that you want to tie you to a four-poster bed. The most important thing to remember is that it is just a fantasy; no rational person here thinks that she/he is ever going to have the chance to share an intimate moment with the man, so his actual sexual experiences and preferences are of no real concern.

      Also, just for the record, not all female fantasies culminate in penetration; many women need to connect on an intellectual and emotional level before they would consider any physical encounter; so a talented, brilliant, and expressive man like Morrissey can be extremely attractive. That's just my take on what makes M so appealing; I'm sure that some irate, hate-spewing poster will immediately explain how he can more accurately speak for heterosexual women.

    11. CrystalGeezer
      I just want him to put his penis in my vagina and move it back and forth and whisper "Sugar Crush" in his fucking beautiful perfect English accent. And maybe "Divine." Then cum on my tits and hold me.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      I'm kidding. I don't want these things. I want him to have amazing humasexual interaction with beautiful people. And then to eat cupcakes and take some advils and drink tons of water.
    13. CrystalGeezer
    14. BrummieBoy
      Perplexed by what Morrissey's female fans claim to find sexually attractive. Must remember to ask potential shags: "oh, are you a Morrissey fan by any chance?" Save myself some bother. Most of the women at Morrissey shows are hardly Beyonce, are they? Physically repulsed by themselves they go to watch their cult leader sing about being physically repulsed by himself. Hilarious to watch, but hardly anything to do with human sexual attraction. "50 Shades Of Morrissey" is an amusing fantasy, but the only reason he'd tie a woman to a bed would be to stop her making a move on him, so you're wasting your fantasy battery/brain cells there. The love/protect mothering stuff might get a response but probably not a sexual one.

      Not irate, amused. Not hate-spewing just laughing at you, lynnda. No, I don't claim to speak for heterosexual women, as, regarding sex: I'm not interested in what goes on in their heads, just what they can deliver in bed. And if they're a self-confessed Morrissey cult member, that's probably not much at all,

      Remember when you promised yourself you were going to IGNORE me? Remember how many times you and the rest of your cult members insisted you never read anything I write: yet here you are again, unable to avoid mentioning me in the desperate hope I'll notice your silly ramblings. Well, I have noticed them and they are very silly. But amusing, so thanks! So, you've slipped up, made a twit of yourself again. Now go back to putting me on IGNORE and then you won't look foolish again. OK?
    15. BrummieBoy
    16. BrummieBoy
    17. Anonymous
      CrystalGeezer, I do like your Fantasy - very sensual, very erotic.
    18. Playcat2000
    19. Playcat2000
      He’d rather be thrown into lake of toxic waste.
    20. Anonymous
      You make broad generalizations that prove that you are a narrow-minded, self-absorbed, pathetic little man, and it's not surprising that your only concern is how a woman can service you. I bet you keep the $20 hookers in your neighborhood quite busy. If you had actually attended any concerts recently, you would see a mix of people, college students, middle-aged males and females, and you would see that many of the women (and men) trying to get to the stage are quite attractive; but, I'm sure you would cower from any good looking women for fear of immediate rejection. It sounds as if you are projecting your insecurities on to others. How sad. As for your deluded sense of achievement, your tedious tirades are just more of the same rancid, flimsy bait on a dull hook, and no one is biting. You 'debunk' absolutely nothing. That would imply that you have provided some startling revelation that alters the collective opinion of Morrissey, and that simply isn't the case. People have formed their own opinions concerning Morrissey, and they certainly won't change them based on your manic rants. If fact, your posts only inspire contempt (or pity) for you, not Morrissey. So you want all of us to 'ignore' you; well, I doubt that. The only reason that you could possibly be making such an exorbitant amount of posts is that you are desperately seeking attention from someone, anyone. If I choose to ignore you, it's because I'm bored, not threatened; it all depends upon my general mood. You seem to think yourself quite the intellectual, but I doubt that many people here would agree. Your fallback responses to any form of debate are "anyone who still values Morrissey is a brain-washed cult member" and "Don't judge my hateful, bitter, intolerant statements; don't you remember when Morrissey did this or said that?" He started it, waaaaaaah! What a juvenile and inept strategy. Your great attack against me is that my statements are "silly". Really, is that the best you can do? Respond or don't respond, it really doesn't matter. You are like a mosquito, annoying when you are present and completely forgotten when you are gone. Morrissey, on the other hand, will be remembered as an influential figure in music long after he has passed.


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