Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM
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    In a NYD t-shirt. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought some may be interested.


    Post by MadeinSalford:

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    1. BrummieBoy
      If you don't read them, how have you arrived at the opinion that I'm a "troll"? Telepathy? LOL!

      If "the best poster here" actually wants to put down her fan-dom and engage with the debate, then we'll see who has the "mental resources". Please: don't waste anymore time referencing my erudition and intelligence as you clearly are a thicko. Sure, you've been lurking here for years. As if I can't guess which harpie fan-cult casualty you are.

    2. BrummieBoy
      Wrong tense. "Was" And agree, he beautiful. Not handsome. Feminine, not masculine. Nowt wrong with that, but deffo the feminine spectrum of things, unlike Beckham who's a perfect balance.
    3. CrystalGeezer
      I don't really care who he has sex with or how they do it, so long as the person is kind to him. I imagine kindness and gentleness when I fap, not pork swords and brown eye.
    4. realitybites
      Bullshit. I am one of those women. And gay porn stars are WAY better looking than hetero ones. Hetero porn is made from/for a man's point of view. The men aren't looking at the men. They are focusing on the women. The guy can have the ugliest mug on the planet and still be a huge star as long as his cock is huge and stiff. Women like to see a handsome, kissable face. So yes, they do appreciate gay porn because it focuses on more than the genitalia. They get to see the whole package. Pretty package. Of course, there is porn made for women these days. Problem is, it is often sensual. Massages. Candles. Sometimes you want to see hardcore F&%^$#@! But with good looking men.

      Do you think I am the only female who finds him sexy regardless of what his sexual orientation happens to be? No, I am not. That you don't 'get it' says something about your biases and prejudices, not about my sex life. Ad hominem, anyone? InsultFail.

      I don't have fantasies about Morrissey. Not at all. I said many fans/women do. I said I find him to be sexy--especially in that video. I don't find Morrissey to be sexy at all these days. The older he gets, the more masculine he looks, and the less attractive I find him to be. Part of this is due to my preference for youthful beauty. I admit it. But part of it is that I like the pretty-boy androgynous look of young Morrissey. I find women who look androgynous to be quite beautiful as well.

      I know he has hangups about his sexuality. But I don't care what he is oriented towards. I just care that he can't talk about it freely. Sad, really.
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    5. BrummieBoy
    6. realitybites
      Beckham IS a perfect balance. Love that metrosexual shit. All for it.

    7. BrummieBoy
      If you're turned on by gay porn, you're a rare statistical outlier. True, most men want to be Ron Jeremy, whilst most women don't want to shag Ron. However: most women want to be fcuked by Jack Lawrence-types and most men want to be me/Jack Lawrence, that's just how it is. Here's Jack talking about his exercise bike, it's not a porn clip!

      This debate is already done and dusted, but it would be amusing to see a sex-tape of Morrissey masturbating over some LP covers, I suppose:

      You say you don't have fantasies about Moz but find him sexy....erm..Derp... How does that work? LOL! No, still don't understand how a str8 women watching a man have sex with another man can find him "sexy" in any meaningful way. Moz was moderately pretty in a shy-twink kind of way when he was younger. Now he just looks bitter and angry. Probably because he hasn't come to terms with his sexuality/asexuality and all the rest of it.Or maybe he's never let go of St Patrick's Cathedral type body-shaming religious crap? Who cares?
    8. realitybites
      I find women and men to be sexy. I find gay porn sexy and lesbian porn and everything in between, sexy. Maybe I am not your average woman. But I know there are many women who have very diverse tastes as well. Usually they are very sexual women who appreciate variety and all that human sexuality has to offer. They swing left, right, and in all different directions. A better person to ask, " If a pop star were to come out and say he enjoys a bit of pork sword/8" of british beef up his arse, would it stop you fantasizing about him having sex with you?", would have been Playcat. She is having sex with men, fantasizes about Morrissey and/or finds him sexually attractive, and is open minded about sexual expression. I don't think she'd have an issue with it at all. Just like I don't. All I care about is being protected against disease and pregnancy.

      I don't think I am familiar with Jack Lawrence's handiwork. I don't usually watch mainstream big-budget porn. I watch the free stuff on YouPorn. I'll look for his name later tonight when I get tucked into bed with my tablet. I just hope he is naked and not wearing that gawd-awful biking outfit. That is NOT a turn-on at all. Just the opposite.

      You can't understand how I can find a man sexy but not want to think about him when I masturbate? Really? I think George Clooney is sexy as well. But never once have I fantasized about having any kind of sexual or romantic interlude with him either. Sexy doesn't=sexual fantasy. Two separate things. For example. A sexy woman seats you and your wife to a table in a restaurant. Your wife later says to you, "Wow she is sexy." And you say, "Yeah." Does this mean you both want to have sex with her? Or are you just taking notice of an attractive, sexual being before you? I say the latter. Bet your wife would agree with me.

      Thanks for the HP link. Interesting. And timely. That was just posted a week or so ago. So it is a hot topic, at least in some circles. I found 4/5 of the gay porn stars to be better looking than the hetero ones.
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    9. CrystalGeezer
      Maybe that's why the Blue Rose Society identifies with him so much. They need to pop their little blue pill to get their willy to rise and they're very bitter and angry that mother nature plays a cruel joke since their swords have to be chemically enhanced. :lbf:
    10. CrystalGeezer
      I hope this made you LOL, brummie. :rolleyes:
    11. Playcat2000
      Maybe that’s because both you and Brummie don’t get it. Meaning: YOU aren’t getting ANY and Brummie ‘s lover is his right hand.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Do you really think getting laid is some sort of commendable achievement?
    13. VivaGil
      You know, I'd been listening him on a few podcasts recently and aside from some Damn good impressions he seems to have some good tastes in music.
    14. Mozza220559
    15. Anonymous
      As to beautiful men (not only handsome), I have always adored Alain Delon. It's worth to see a masterful "Purple Noon" from 1960 - Delon was *impossibly* beautiful then.
    16. Velvis
      BB doth protest too much methinks.
      You sound desperate mate, yes your oh so clever O level wordplay may be able to bully a few of the poor saps on here (myself included!) but don't pretend you're in the same ball park as Anaesthesine.
    17. BrummieBoy
      You get back to me when you've actually thought of something that's relevant to the discussion. Or a witty riposte. Why on earth would I want to compare myself to Anaesthesine? Or any other cult "fan"? Absurd response, as usual.
    18. Playcat2000
      Thats not the point.
    19. Name
      Yes, this. The first time I saw Morrissey in concert was in 2009. Pictures and YouTube videos don't give you the full effect of seeing him live. The way he moves in person, on stage, is very Alpha Male: no wasted movement, every gesture, every step sure and confident. He started off the show wearing a tux and tie. Even the way he took off his tie . . . I never thought I would describe him as manly. He was shaped like an inverted triangle, with a very broad chest, back, and shoulders. I could not believe that this was the same person as the swishy, mincy, effeminate, flailing, and oddly ambiguously alluring, early 90s Moz.

      I don't have sexual fantasies about him, but the Morrissey I saw on that stage lit up the parts of my hetero-female brain the way big boobs light up the brains of straight guys. If I saw a person like that in every-day life and that person wasn't Morrissey but just some random guy, I might be intrigued or even impressed, but I would avoid him. He looked like the type of man who would go to a very high-priced place to orchestrate a very high-priced deal, or to cheat on his socialite wife with his 20 year old mistress. Or he'd show up in Vegas on a private jet and he'd roll into a multi-billion dollar casino, entourage in tow, and he'd be escorted to the secret back rooms where the high rollers play the real games.

      Again, not talking about Moz in the above description, but about the way he came across and the images he conjured. The "new" Morrissey was a stark, jarring contrast to the early 90s version -- but both are titillating in their own way.
    20. BrummieBoy
      Wow! No, seriously: WOW!

      So gratifying for Morrissey to know his audience are borderline psychotic.


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