Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM
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    In a NYD t-shirt. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought some may be interested.


    Post by MadeinSalford:

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    1. Bluebirds

      He looks like an Irish Quentin Tarantino. His aunt is a bit fit though
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    2. Anonymous
      This is so beautifully stated. I agree completely.

    3. Anonymous
      The photo is taken in front of St Patricks Cathedral in NYC. In front of right hand side door.
      Sheridan Whiteside.
    4. Uncleskinny
      St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC.

      Thanks, Doc.

    5. CrystalGeezer
      Man! I was only 162.2 miles away that day! :( :D
    6. Mozza220559
      Fucking ace video that, cock.
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    7. Anonymous
      Aunt Mary? Phwaor! I would.
    8. AztecCamera
      Geez, what a horrible depressing childhood. He really looks unhappy.
    9. Anonymous
      double denim...:D:D
    10. Hornyssey

      2004, 2014 AND IN THE FUTURE 2024

    11. Anaesthesine
      Nice try. :)

      I see you haven't been reading my posts (which is just fine). I think I've been fairly accurate (and thus rather harsh) in my assessments of the recent state of affairs in Morrisseyland. I come here less and less because Morrissey is less and less inspiring these days (or rather, he inspires something a bit unpleasant). I truly do believe that (especially when it comes to the internet) if you don't have anything nice to say, you really should say nothing at all.

      Your obsessive hatred of the man is no more valid, rational or inspiring than his other fans' obsessive love. They think everything he does is charmed, you think everything he does is pathetic. Either way, he has you.

      My statement regarding the number of times Morrissey has been photographed was not meant to be factual, since I don't know how many photos are out there of Elvis, Cary Grant or, yes, the spectacular George Clooney. It was obviously a conversational trope. You are clearly capable of better things than wasting time here. Not only that, but you are forcing me to say nice things about Morrissey. And so I shall. :)

      Morrissey. Beautiful. Absolutely. Beauty is subjective of course, but Morrissey, at his physical peak (which varies according to personal preference) was blindingly beautiful in a perfectly pansexual way. Yes, Bowie was more groundbreaking (and more edgy) in his gender-bending (he got there first), but he was clearly performative. Morrissey was (and occasionally still is) able to radiate something singularly threatening and vulnerable which drove people mad. I remember, I was there. Many of us have heard straight men say (often in a semi-joking tone) that Moz is the one they would have made an exception for, that he could change a fella's mind. It's a part of that strange energy that he has always been able to summon up live.

      As for Morrissey's masculinity: he's no skinhead or lurking thug, it's true, but there are plenty of photos out there where he sports a jawful of stubble and a rather aggressive demeanor. Particularly during his post-Quarry third act, there were nights when he seemed like a barrel-chested brawler. I saw him nearly dive into the audience one night to clock a heckler. He seemed a bit sauced, and utterly "male."

      I think you are projecting heteronormative proclivities onto others, where they often do not belong. Just because a man is attractive does not make him a potential mate. It makes no difference whether a man is gay, straight or bi, single or married, interested or out of reach. He is either attractive to you or he is not. I wonder how many women and men have hit on Morrissey "in real life." We know he's had a few anonymous male encounters. I'm willing to bet that, in a smoky bar (somewhere where you can still smoke), a brooding, solitary Morrissey would still undoubtedly attract amorous female attention.

      Regarding plastic surgery: you have no idea how grindingly awful it is to be widely loved for your youth and beauty. This is one of the greatest burdens of fame, and it is one that kills. Celebrity has always been a curse (with spectacular benefits), but in the age of the internet it is even more difficult to maintain one's dignity as the years grind on. Reed, Richards and Iggy were never prized for their physical beauty, and Jagger was always grotesque enough to go with the flow. Morrissey, on the other hand, was a geeky, dark, awkward, somewhat spindly, maladjusted adonis. "Stay handsome" everyone pleaded. He has, surprisingly, managed to comply.
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    12. sweetness522
      Cool! Probably on his visit to Aunt Mary in Staten Island in 1976 as described in the book.
      I may have been on the same street that day; who knows!

    13. Velvis
      Excellent post. Don't mess with Anaesthesine, BB you're totally out of your league!
    14. BrummieBoy
      A ludicrous, but highly amusing, justification of your investment in the wider cultural myths, shibboleths & delusions of Fame: and your personal investment in The Cult of Morrissey. You merely repeat your personal subjective views but at least you now qualify them as having nothing to do with objective, consensual reality. You state that Morrissey "drove people mad" and that you were there, as if there's any reason why I should regard your personal testimony as of any more value than that of a fan of Donny Osmond or David Cassidy. There's really no reason why I should.

      I've seen lots of women being misled by good-looking men in the distance. Up close and personal it soon becomes obvious that the object of their desire is not what they hoped. If Morrissey was sexually attracted to women it would have happened by now. From reading his autobiography, it's rather obvious that he has other fixations in life.

      Morrissey chose to trade on the already discredited notion of C20th Fame as a 'burden' and a 'sacrifice' and you clearly believe there is something of merit in this imagined martyrdom. In fact, he was only briefly 'famous' in the UK, more infamous, and to the best of my knowledge most people on the planet aren't even aware of his existence, so it's a bit silly for you to claim Elvis/MJ/Madonna type burdens-of-fame sob stories for this C-list celeb.

      I've no idea why you make the claim that I harbour "obsessive hatred" for Morrissey. Clearly, YOU have not been reading my comments, not that I care one iota. The fact that I have objectively debunked his entire persona as essentially fraudulent over animal rights, British identity and tax status and absurd endless 7 veil dance of 'sexuality' doesn't mean that I 'hate' him. In fact, I find him one of the genuinely comic figures in popular culture, up there with Miley Cyrus in delusionality. As for 'wasting time': compared to what? Watching television soap operas? Listening to Morrissey CDs?

      Debunking the entire ideological hegemonic apparatus of The Fame has hardly been a waste of my time and "Morrissey" has merely provided a useful and hilarious target. Your defence mechanism to protect your 'sunk investment' in him is that I "hate" Morrissey rather than accept that I have effectively debunked his rather trite, obvious pop Cult mechanisms. I've yet to hear a rational rebuttal of the case i make, because...there isn't one?

      Iggy was prized for having a 12 inch cock and displaying it at every opportunity. Morrissey poses as masculine. He is anything but in real life, as any filmed interview with him attests to. Nothing wrong with that, except perhaps in his mind, hence his decades long fixation on "utterly male" rogues and silly staged stubble shots imagining he's some testoterone pin-up. He never was, at least not to those outside the Cult.

      You have invested an enormous amount of your time and energy not just into "Morrissey" but into the unexamined tropes of "fame as sacrifice", "singer as lonely martyr" and all the other trite banalities which Morrissey has recycled from an adroit black-bird appropriation of cultural cliches. To still find people (like you) imagining he is any kind of Outre Outlier Outsider is testimony not to his talents but to the pernicious hold of the memes of "fame" on both the "fan" and the soi-disant "star". Nice try. :) But just another Moz-Cult epicFAIL!


      - - - Updated - - -

      Really? Out of my depth? Oh, the LOLs! I guess it's POSSIBLE that there's someone on this site who could present a challenge to my debunk of The Cult of Morrissey, but I doubt it very much.
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    15. Thought
      Your rhetorical signature seems to be that you pretend to have someone on the defensive when in fact they're just being patient with you.
    16. Name
      You are the best poster here. Why bother replying to a troll? I don't even read his posts, I just skip them. I've been lurking here for years and I always look forward to your posts. I won't register for this cesspool just so I can put its most vocal inhabitants on ignore. No need to waste valuable time crafting exquisite replies to people who don't have the mental resources to process them.
    17. Anonymous
      After all, even Jay Mohr has recently said that Morrissey is "a stunningly beautiful man".
    18. DAVIE
      Gorgeous picture :)
    19. realitybites
      I don't think heterosexual women care if he is gay or bi or heterosexual. He is a fantasy. They know he is never going to be their boyfriend or lover. So the details are irrelevant. Morrissey is not John Wayne or James Cagney. But masculinity is not necessary what they want in their pop icons. Life partners? Probably. But it doesn't matter that Morrissey has effeminate mannerisms. He is pretty-handsome. In the way that gay porn stars are pretty-handsome. And lots of heterosexual women watch gay porn because the guys are much better looking than the guys in straight porn. They don't care that the men don't want to have sex with them. The fact is, that they want to have sex with them. Same goes for Moz. The video for November Spawned a Monster, is one of the 'gayest' things I have ever seen. It is also one of the hottest things I have ever seen. He oozes sex. Doesn't matter that he is not the epitome of masculinity. He is the epitome of sexuality expressed while dressed. I know I am not the only woman who feels this way.

      Moz is most F&%@able in this video...

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    20. BrummieBoy
      A few hetero women watch gay porn a few times, usually out of OMG! fascination, hardly because they find the men 'better looking'. I agree, he's light years away from Wayne & Cagney but I'd rather deal with their code of honour than his convoluted nonsenses about *humasexuality*. No, teenage girls aren't interested in real men when they choose pop stars, hence my naming of the Osmonds/David Cassidy. 1 Direction are the latest anoydyne poster boys. I agree he's effeminate & pretty, or rather was before he became a crumpled gnarled middle-age man. In your fantasy world he's the "epitome of sexuality" but I think that says more about your sex life than anything else.

      You're not the only woman who has fantasies about Morrissey, and not the only one to be wasting her time in doing so.

      "I don't think heterosexual women care if he is gay or bi or heterosexual."

      Well, he cares enough to rush out a denial to his fag-hag enablers as soon as his shack-up with a bloke was classed as gay-dom.

      "I know I am not the only woman who feels this way."

      What d'you reckon CG? Do you agree with RealityBites? If a pop star were to come out and say he enjoys a bit of pork sword/8" of british beef up his arse, would it stop you fantasising about him having sex with you?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Wow! Thanks for sharing that profound thought, "Thought". Now fcuk off.
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