Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

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By Uncleskinny on Jan 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    In a NYD t-shirt. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought some may be interested.


    Post by MadeinSalford:

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    1. zepfan1
      I wonder how old he is in that picture? I am assuming that is his sister? They have the same smile :D
    2. Marc Smiths
      Marc Smiths
      HI! Where page/group did you take it from? You do not know the person who post it? It would be good to refer it!


    3. MadeinSalford
      It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
    4. realitybites
      Wow! Great find. Thanks Peter.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      This made my weekend.
    6. Anonymous
      It's Morrissey and his sister Jackie, taken in Dublin.
    7. Anonymous
      Sorry, it's not Jackie! My mistake. But it is Dublin.
    8. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Great picture! He looks so happy! Thanks for sharing this with us Peter!
    9. Anonymous
      I would guess from the style of clothing that this was taken somewhere between 1975-1978, which would make him 16-18; I would love to know the actual date. If Morrissey finds that he has too much time on his hands, he should consider doing a pictorial autobiography to complement the written version. He could write beautiful captions to explain the imagery. I think that it would sell well because people seem to truly enjoy seeing these photos of him when 'he used to be a sweet boy'. It would also help to soften his image, which might negate some of the recent unfavorable publicity. Just a thought.

    10. Mozza220559
      Aww he's cute. Bless him.
    11. Anonymous
      That's when Moz had washboard abs and was skinny, just like how I am now. :)

    12. Anaesthesine
      Wonderful idea lynnda. Morrissey is one of those celebrities (icons, really) whose personality is so huge that it's easy to forget he's as human as the rest of us. Given the PR debacles of the last few years, it would indeed help humanize a man who has always seemed so much larger than life. I think he'd be a champion caption-writer, too.

      He's certainly one of the most photographed (and photogenic) men on the planet, at every age. He's always been so singularly beautiful, and that beauty seems to me to have been both physical and self-willed. I think it was Linder who once said something about the back of Morrissey's neck being as recognizable as his face, and it's true. I've probably spent too many years looking at pictures of the man, but the balance of masculine and feminine, seriousness and frivolity, arrogance, confidence and despair never ceases to fascinate me.
    13. Tibby
      What a sweet picture.Morrissey does look awfully cute in it.!!!
    14. celibate
      another unseen picture, the pic was from the woman IN the picture, Morrissey's aunt

      nice pic, but it's not Jacjie his sisier, who most likely has taken the pic

      nice, an unseen young Morrissey pic

      'and they say he's mentall' ... Mary the name...
    15. Pokey
      Aunt Mary was pretty hot!
    16. Anonymous

      I think he'd be a champion caption-writer, too.

      "Leather bags and belts ! Looking really healthy with a nice skin complexion ! Oh those meat eating days."

    17. Girl-Afraid
      This is so lovely :) he's so cute!
    18. JoanOfArc
    19. BrummieBoy
      Larger than life to you, icon to you, but objectively: C-list celeb to most. All *celebrities* & *icons* are "as human as the rest of us", other than in the disturbed minds of their "fans".

      Factually, is he one of the most photographed men on the planet? I doubt it. Compared to who? Michael Jackson? President Obama? Pope Francis 1? Or are you confusing your obsessive personal "fan" world with shared reality? As to photogenic, yes he has an *interesting* face but he mostly goes through previous eras stock poses by rote, adroitly mashing up Hollywood and Glam Rock, but hardly as groundbreaking as Bowie. Beautiful? It's in the eye of the beholder. I'd say he was well-groomed in a designer Euro fashionista way, he makes the most of himself, but he's hardly George Clooney or Marlon Brando, never mind James Dean. Not that 'beauty' is synonymous with talent or value in any sphere of life.

      I've never, ever seen him as representative of 'masculinity', especially when he uses 'Fit-Lads' footie kit tropes, LOL! He is obsessed with curating images of testosterone alpha-males but I can't think of one image of him that could seriously be described in those terms. It's fascinating that some heterosexual-identified women seem to have been able to see him as a figure of potential erotic action, despite the tsunami of signifiers he's cascaded which seem to suggest allegiances elsewhere. I wonder if real women who aren't *fans* have ever hit upon him sexually in real life?

      I wonder if he'll have some "work" done now as he moves into his mad Dennis Healey eyebrows phase? Or just use old photos from a few decades ago? It's always amusing to watch those who have traded themselves on their surface image succumb to the rigours of time. To their credit, Reed, Jagger, Richards and Iggy didn't go under the scalpel so there are pathfinders for him to follow in this, as in everything else he's done.

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