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It's well known that Liverpudlian Dickie Felton released several Morrissey fan books and has interviewed fans outside the gigs. Despite his preoccupation with Morrissey fans, people like you, who he frames in the best possible light, some seem not to like him? But then even Morrissey himself is out of favour here at times. A hard to please bunch!

Regardless, I'm sharing some material gathered by Dickie Felton from this year's tour that was shared with me. Please feel free to add. If some items already turned up in tour threads, apologies for double-posting.

The first item is a reflection on, and review of the opening two shows, at Killarney and Blackpool -

He spoke to Sean heading in to see Morrissey in Killarney -

He chatted with a a couple going to the show -

and two younger fans, Luke and Chris -

He mingled with those queuing -

and shared scenic morning-after reflections -
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From Blackpool, the band arrive for the soundcheck -

Attending is Andy, who testifies to the importance of being, a Morrissey fan -

Andy then gives his impressions of that concert -
Thomas from Scotland articulates his attitude with composed vitality -

Here's a peep at the Stockton Globe gig after-show -

Do keep adding if anyone has more.
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