You were in a car crash and you lost your hair



It had been a typically seasonal rainy day.
At a semaphore crossing a van suddenly cut across the street, blocking the car Paul was in.
The car didn't quite stop in time and hit the van, but not seriously enough to do any real damage.
During the crash Paul lost his top-wig.

Paul telephoned Ringo to tell him what had happened and that he would be with him in an hour or two.
Ringo thought it was just one of those jokes that Paul usually pulled.
Soon after the telephone call the police arrived and Paul decided to get a taxi home.

The next morning, seeing that Paul had not returned home, Ringo tried to call him but strangely he couldn't get in touch with him.
We retraced his steps through our common friends but nobody had seen or heard from him.
We were on the telephone all day.

On Thursday of the same week, a friend of Ringo called to say that people he knew had seen Paul in France.
We flew to Paris but Paul was no longer in the place where he was seen before.
As more days passed, our apprehension grew.



After the Beatles' broke up, John went to America to find Paul's killers. During the second half of 1967 he had discovered they were members of the KKK. After years of personal investigation John was getting close, very close to the truth.
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