You were good in your time - Who is it about?


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I think it's written about a parent dieing; Morrissey channeling the grief into these words and a beautiful vocal. The angle that it's about the fan/star relationship is there, but only in the usual sly Moz way. Same as he did on 'All You Need Is Me' which is, I think, about a disgruntled lover, but could also be referring to the disgruntlement of fans.
I could be wrong, cos to be honest I don't really like the idea of him writing songs about the fan/star thing ('Paint A Vulgar Picture' excluded). It seems unworthy of him. It's all subjective of course, but I would rather believe it to be about something more substantial. It seems to work on this song. I choked up. :o

That's an interesting idea, I was unable to drag myself away from the fan/idol element.


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Isn't the whole point of the weird ending that you wait for the song to restart but it never does because whoever he is talking about is "dead" and not coming back. So you just get the impression of someone searching the airwaves for something that doesn't exist anymore.

Well put.

That's excatly how I take it too but didn't think of the airwaves until now... interesting. Just like somebody's trying to tune in a radio station where there's nothing on air.
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