You were blasting out "Irish Blood, English Heart" on Traffic St, Derby today.


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It's like one of those "I met your eye in the supermarket and I hope you'll see this" adverts in the back of the newspaper, but it's a bit more interesting.

I came out of work today - Debenhams, as it happens - and I heard a familiar voice carrying across the busy traffic-jammed Traffic Street. I literally stopped in my tracks, because it's not often that anything other than hip-hop is blasted in what is apparently a public service effort to annoy. I realised it was "Irish Blood, English Heart"! It really made me smile :)

But I couldn't catch this person's eye. It was a woman, about 20-30, with black/brown hair driving a red car. At first glance, I thought it was some subverted boy-racer type, but it wasn't. I just wanted to catch a glance so I could do a big thumbs up and say "you're not alone!"!

Her stereo changed to "You Have Killed Me" after that track, and then she sped away. I think there's a good chance that this woman is on here, and I wanted to say hello.

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