Morrissey Central "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH" (August 31, 2020)



Mask being sold via Etsy:
Surely a mask featuring his bikini clad mum will be added soon.
It's not five paragraphs but it's definitely a response to Nile - who said, in one of his now-deleted Instagram comments, that he was known because his Dad wrote "How Soon Is Now?".

what is your point?

and why do you think for one minute he gives two shits about what nile said. the only people who seem to care about that are people on here. Never even made the media
what a boring pointless post. What does it mean? Please Sam stop for the sake of all concerned
someone is trying way too hard to fit in. Wierd for someone who thrived on not fitting in
I would have thought the most 'Morrissey" thing to do, would be not wear a mask. I am not a dog jn a muzzle......not endorse the symbol of our subjugation as a fashion accessory.
(y) Irony, boy, irony.
I reckon those green Dodger hats are a limited run dedicated to the California Mom. Green is for the obvious Irish background. I reckon it's too bad that the chinese subspecies virus had to ruin baseball this season because the California Son was scheduled to throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium and he was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner at one of the games too. I reckon there also is a California Mom night scheduled where there was going to be a give away of green Dodger hats, but looks like it won't happen fark arse knickers smelling fek'll inn nnn nnn n nn nnn it.
I reckon California Son Junior, wear your California Son mask when you wear your Dodger hat dude m8 fark arse c*** tit twat inn nn nnn nn nn nnn n n it.


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