You Should Have Been Nice To Me

Dabb hands

Recently discovered this song on you-Tube, don't think it's available otherwise, and I am obsessed w/it. I have been a fan for thirty odd years, and thought that I had heard everything. Can anyone tell me what era this came from, I'm guessing pre- Vaxhaul.
It was released on the Southpaw Grammar reissue back in 2009. I *think* it dates from somewhere around the Southpaw period.
It's officially available on Southpaw Grammer reissue of 2009
This song was recorded on SG sessions. Moz admited that on his book.
Picasso had his 'Blue' period and 1995 was definitely Moz's 'Jake' period. I'd say this is another ode to his immortal beloved.
i like that song. one of the reasons i actualyl own that album
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