You Must Please Remember You've Had Her


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I saw the final Hammerstein show last night and it's sent me on the hugest Morrissey bender. I'm attempting to assemble on iTunes all his b-sides in one glorious playlist. I'm missing two. I actually used to own the CD-singles but my cd collection was stolen years back and I was never able to replace these. If someone could upload these somewhere for me I'd be so grateful. They are "You've Had Her" and "You Must Please Remember."
Listening again to all these b-sides now I'm realizing that songs I dismissed at the time like "Heir Apparent" and "I Can Have Both" are actually quite good!




Nice one. I'll have to add that. SergeSerge, you don't happen to have the 'let me kiss you' b-sides, do you? I bought them digitally when they first came out but have since lost them. I have seen Moz several times this year and have spent enough money on concerts and traveling to make up for it. If he would've sold this single at shows, I would've bought it again, but he didn't. I wouldn't normally ask, but there is no such thing as normal anyway.:o


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Yes, Elvez, I have these B-sides... from the "Y.A.T.Q." Deluxe edition. Not being able to find the singles/Eps, I bought the album twice. I'll post them for you this evening, probably.

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