"You must please remember" (The concert anniversary thread)

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Exactly 12 years ago today, Morrissey played here in Offenbach/Frankfurt as part of his "Tour of Refusals". I stood in the second row and was closer than ever. It was humid, Morrissey looked fantastic, but seemed strangely reserved. I had the impression he wasn't feeling very well. Little movement, hardly any radius but: the concert, the atmosphere (at least at the front) and the setlist (The Loop, Girlfriend, Ask) were so brilliant and euphoric at the end of the 00s that it remains one of my favourite concert experiences. I can remember letting out a loud, sharp scream during "I keep mine hidden" because I was overcome with enthusiasm. The band played great and Christopher Pooley was a cool guy. I'm here again this morning reminiscing. Great venue, for 1.000 people, with different levels and a great domed hall, that was once a synagogue and is now a cultural monument. Will it be like this again, my dear friends?

01: This charming man
02: Billy Budd
03: Black cloud
04: Ask
05: When I last spoke to Carol
06: How can anybody possibly know how I feel?
07: How soon is now?
08: I'm throwing my arms around Paris
09: The world is full of crashing bores
10: Girlfriend in a coma
11: Why don't you find out for yourself
12: Seasick, yet still docked
13: Some girls are bigger than others
14: One day goodbye will be farewell
15: Keep mine hidden
16: Irish blood, English heart
17: Let me kiss you
18: The loop
19: I'm ok by myself

20: First of the gang to die
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