Morrissey Central "You, Me & Ours" (April 11, 2020)

Morrissey Central: "You, Me & Ours" - April 11, 2020

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I don't think it will in the UK. Whenever an animal rights group gets footage, there's good coverage. We've had the horse meat scandal & farms that have been quarantined because of flu outbreaks. They'll probably watch it more closely because now we know the whole country can lockdown because of the meat industry.

I'm hoping factory farming will get tighter regulations from this.
The wet markets are pretty horrible, yeah

But they've been going on for years

Not a scientist, but i can"t see how wet markets can be blamed for this

Coronaviruses change every year - my work gives me the flu jab for free, which is never the same one year after year

People look for someone / something to blame (carnivores or sinister scientists in Wuhan labs...creating deadly viruses to kill their own people while munching on a bat pie) but i kinda think these things do just happen from time to time
Seriously! How old are you? What a remark!!
Wet markets need to be regulated!! Why can you not see that.such an immature remark

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