Morrissey Central "You, Me & Ours" (April 11, 2020)

Morrissey Central: "You, Me & Ours" - April 11, 2020

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I’ve not heard the Tories or Labour mention the animal welfare issues which underpin this. And I was fairly surprised to hear the shadow chancellor calling for a Brexit delay on Thursday, first because it’s obviously going to happen anyway and secondly because they are simply picking the ball up from December; if anything, it will play less well now.

Are they more scared of China or our own meat industries?

Luckily it's an issue they don't need to make noise about, the regulators can work on these things. Some journalists & scientists are calling for reform, so there's a bit of heat.

They won't openly insult China (well, Trump will), but it's been so devastating I can't imagine nothing would be said diplomatically. It'll depend on the internal pressures & if they can convince well-off Chinese people that they don't need wild animals for cures or cuisine - or if Chinese scientists can convince their government. Maybe they're superstitious? I don't know how far the party's strayed from its communist roots.
I agree.
It shows that Morrissey is racist to his core.
It shows that Morrissey is concerned with animal rights and peoples' welfare. Your comment, on the contrary, shows that you are just a troll. Poor creature...
The virus was made in a Wuhan lab.
Nothing to do with meat.
No one knows for sure, whether it was naturally derived or lab-created (By China, By US military, byBill Gates, who knows for sure) But it was present in the environment, in the wet market, and somehow went from animal to humans. Eating an infected animals doesnt help. And neither does having countless animals contained & suffering in the cruelest ways, becoming weak & sick, creating a scenerio for unfriendly microbes, to pass among many hosts, mutating to something new, and dangerous, to both animal/humans.
The comment's in the video. Bill thinks we should put pressure on China to ban wild animals & slaughter from their markets to prevent future flu outbreaks.

China should ban it.

But they've got clout, so they can't be pressured. If they really don't want to, then they won't.
Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions and then a million more!
I've not had Chinese grub since this shit kicked off and reckon I'll steer clear from now on, their behaviour is bordering on prehistoric.
I go to an excellent Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurant. They use little or no oil, organic produce, and not typical processed faux protein. Quality food. Nice people too.
It really should be called the "meat-eater virus", really It should, But offend the carnivores?not goin to hapoen. Call the virus anything other than what has made innocent Chinese Americans run to the gun shop, in numbers.
Why? Do vegans not contract COVID-19?
I agree! Sometimes we are afraid of saying things as they are. If other countries like Europe, Canada or USA were selling and eating exotic animals we would be forced to stop doing so. All countries should put pressure on China to stop wet markets and have a animal welfare law. I believe there's not difference between killing a cow or a bat thought. BOTH SUFFER!! In a ideal world, people wouldn't eat animals.View attachment 55726
Where to start with this ^ nonsense...

Morrissey was right to give the Chinese a kick with 'subspecies'...who eats bats and pangolins:crazy:

waving, and a vegan Easter all you good people.

Easter has its roots in paganism, not veganism.
The wet markets are a time bomb. And the time bomb just went off. If the wet markets start to open again - as it appears they are - the clock is ticking for this to happen again. Maybe worse next time. This virus has a relatively low morbidity and mortality rate - no consolation to those who have died. God help us if something comes along with a mortality rate that is much higher.
They were never closed.
It really should be called the "meat-eater virus", really It should, But offend the carnivores?not goin to hapoen. Call the virus anything other than what has made innocent Chinese Americans run to the gun shop, in numbers.
Why? Do vegans not contract COVID-19?
The inhumane conditions & treatment of exploited animals, masses kept in close proximity, compromises their health, their immunity, & increases pathogen risks. This link between animal agriculture & diseases has long been studied by health experts, epidemiologists. H1N1 swine flu pandemic comes to mind.
Just because Donald Trump is a #Covidiot doesn't mean he ain't 100% right about the #WTO: the World Health Organisation are a nest of #Globalist fantasists and parasites and their fluffing of #China has been absolutely sickening to watch. They lied about the virus to keep Xi onside when they should have told Trump the truth so he could impose draconian sanctions on the Chinese Community Party in retaliation for their mass-murdering cover-ups over #Covid19.

The state of China needs to be absolutely quarantined until a treaty agreeing that 'wet markets' are unlicensed biowar labs is forced upon them. Whilst this is tough on innocent Chinese people all over the world, it's not as tough as the death and destruction wrought by these Communist parasites and their WTO globalist enablers. Any Chinese ethnicity person who is whining about racism and xenophobia needs to answer this question: What have YOU done to stop the 'wet markets' petri-dishes spawning zoonotic disease? There is absolutely nothing excusable or acceptable about the behaviour of the Chinese state and any and all attempts to conflate criticism with the state of China with anti-Chinese racism and xenophobia is just the actions of useful idiots being moved on the Great Game chess board that China is strategising as it attempts to game this disaster which China alone caused and China alone should reap the whirlwind for. They blatanty life about current cases and the pseudo-experts at the BBC and the UK Govt response teams parrot that bullshit as statistical fact. Fcukin do one, Xi and as for The Guardian rimming too, Tedros, arse-licking tosser...smfh


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