You Are the Quarry Korean alternate cover


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Does anybody know about the Korean version of you are the quarry with an alternative cover, as alluded to in Autobiography? Any ideas about where I could find it? Because it doesn't seem to be the current way it is printed in Korea, so I am struggling to find it.

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Thanks, but all of them seem to have the usual cover. In Autobiography it states that it was released there with a different cover image used.

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From PJLM:

"The Korea edition of this album includes an extra lyrics and sleeve notes booklet (in Korean). The multimedia cd includes the video to "Irish Blood, English Heart". The packaging is a digipack sleeve slipped inside a deluxe picture box."

Booklet cover:



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Thanks. I just thought it was strange - I thought they changed the cover to get rid of the gun on the cover... Thanks for your help anyway :)


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mrmorrisey1, is that the promotional small mug that was given away with the Korean version?
you are the quarry
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