You Are Sleeping, You Do Not Want To Believe


Here is a link to an MP3 where Morrissey got the sample of the woman on "Rubber Ring". The MP3 is about 10 minutes long. The sampled part comes in at 6:23.

It's of a flexi-disc that accompanied the book "Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication with the Dead", released in 1971.


incredible ivre always wondered where that came from...think ill use it as my ringtone.where did you hear it from???


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oooohhhhh YES !!!!!!!!

As Noel68, this sample was an enigma since 20 years !

Nice to get it.

Thanks !!!!!!!!


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this is my alarm clock ringtone. it wakes me gently which is nice

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pm me and i'll mail it you - not very big
it usually repeats 4-5 times before i do hear it! :)



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Great find beau!

Now the question is, why was a young Morrissey listening to this?


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Is there any way to download this? I would like it on my computer.
Great find! :D
Duh! Right-click on link! :D I am slow!
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Now the question is, why was a young Morrissey listening to this?

This may or may not be the answer ... but in the late 70s or early 80s in the UK there was one of those multipart magazines ("first issue with free binder!") about the supernatural, and one issue had a free flexidisc containing some of this material. I clearly remember listening to it over and over, and being quite disturbed by it (unskeptical as I was at such a tender age).

I don't recall if the "You are sleeping" bit was on there, but listening to this mp3 posted here, some of it is very familiar, and must have been on that flexidisc. So I'm just hazarding a guess that that is where Morrissey must have heard it too. Where else, in those pre-internet days?

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Does anyone have the other clip from Rubber Ring?
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