"You and Yours" - Morrissey dead ringers parody (BBC Radio 4)

Don't know if this has already been posted - but this was on BBC Radio 4.

For some reason they've used a Morrissey Parody in the context of emptying bins in Guildford... Odd...

('Like a welcome blister after a long walk.')

Morrissey Loves You and Yours. Sort of. - BBC Radio 4 iPlayer
Morrissey has expressed concerns about bin collection on Dead Ringers. We followed up.
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Sad part is this is actually a better song then anything off of the world peace album.


When they say "dead ringers", they're not referring to the Morrissey "impression" right? I mean, he's pretty hard to get right, but even by usual impression standards this one is awful.


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This is a distinctly unfunny radio show. Badly written (almost as bad as Radio 4's Now Show). It leaves me colder than the grave. Part of R4's 6.30pm slots of hilarity which includes said Now Show and Just a Minute. Need I say anymore. If you can't do FUNNY then don't bother trying.

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