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By davidt on Jun 25, 2011 at 10:30 PM
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    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / The Kid's A Looker / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Everyday Is Like Sunday / People Are The Same Everywhere / Alma Matters / Speedway / Satellite Of Love / I Know It's Over / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Action Is My Middle Name / Meat is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart // This Charming Man

    set list provided by Kewpie. Scan uploaded by craiggannon.

    Morrissey @ The Barbican, York 25th June 2011 - The Northern Line, link from Peter Martin
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 25, 2011.

    1. lastparty
    2. Black Eyed
      Black Eyed
      I heard and saw a picture of a fight that broke out in the crowd (via Dickie Felton's twitter). What the f*** is going on there?
    3. Anonymous
    4. Anonymous
      That fight was probably Joey Barton kicking off again!!!
    5. lastparty
      My brother back in Glasgow told me that Craig Bellamy was a Smiths fan. With that in mind can we crowbar every soccer hoodlum into the Moz camp?:guitar:
    6. This_Charming_Man
      My friends just got back from the gig, for The Smiths covers (according to what ive been told) he did:
      Shoplifters of the world unite
      How soon is now?
      Meat is murder
      there is a light that never goes out
      this charming man
    7. Anonymous
      No How Soon is Now, it was I want the One I Can't Have and I Know it's Over.
    8. Anonymous
      Great gig, Good crowd, and I got a plectrum :D

      Can't wait for Grimsby (not often I say that!)
    9. Anonymous
      We've just got back to Mancfester from York-Morrissey was fabulous!! Made reference to'Old York Dolls', said he survived Glastonbury even though he wasn't supposed to! A fight did break out at the back of the standing-I was in the balcony overlooking-it was over in a flash. Only little disappointment for me was number of people in the balcony sitting down tappping on their mobiles!! Why??? I have never been to a Morrissey concert and been surrounded by people sat down!! Oh well me and my bf danced, sang and cheered the whole way through....brilliant night!!!!!!
    10. Anonymous
      Stunning gig, Moz in the best form for years, no changes to the setlist, kids a looker returned, Boz actually looked happy for once!
    11. mozmal
      Good atmosphere, Moz in upbeat mood. Sound quality pretty average, same setlist. I got some good videos, which I'll post in the forums.
    12. Amy
      I've just got in, Mal. I managed to engage half the train carriage in a conversation about Moz....it certainly passed the time! :lbf:
    13. oldgits
      Yes there was a fight! And thanks to the moron who started it, then fell backwards, whacking my wife in the face with the back of his head & elbow. I have just returned to our hotel room after over 4 hours in a&e, while she is being kept in overnight. Roll on Bradford & Grimsby, where at least we'll be seated. Getting to old for all this malarky!

      A big thank you to the person who found her phone & gave us it back.
    14. Anonymous
      ...And he was probably wearing this tshirt:


      I'm sure some people could have done without all this "action", but someone probably gave the impression it's ok to fight and send people to the hospital, like that cool kid Joey does...

      That's not going to bring Radiohead fans back...
    15. herge65
      I was on the front of the balcony...far from a morgue in my opinion...we had a blast! :thumb:

      Top gig. First of 3 on this tour for me...and my wife's first ever Moz gig. She is not a huge fan but she had an absolute ball and (literally) bought the t-shirt!

      I managed to beg a promo poster for the gig from a local pub too...nice bonus!

      Love the reworked Meat Is Murder...complete with the visuals it may even take me back to vegetarianism...powerful stuff!

      Roll on Bradford :D
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    16. Anonymous
      Great gig. I've been going to see him since 2004 and it was one of the best i've seen. Being from York I know all too well about crowds at concerts in this city, reserve and often dull at times. I was standing and down on the floor it felt like your normal, pumping Moz gig but when I looked up the balcony folk, with some exceptions, looked miserable. It was annoying but then you come to expect it in York. I don't know of any band or artist who has come to York and returned again. Saying that about the balcony there was a woman stood in front of me who kept checking her Facebook on her phone. PHONES SHOULD BE BANNED AT GIGS! No photos, no videos, no internet, no phones! Other people shouldn't have your arm in their face while you take a shit, blurry picture of Morrissey who looks 2 miles away. Your brain is capable of memory you know?
      Anyway sorry i've ranted a bit. It was a great gig, wonderful. Really wonderful. Some songs i've never heard live before sounded ace. I even had a cry at I Know It's Over.
    17. Anonymous
      As good as Leeds Academy 2009
    18. Anonymous
      Thank you to all who helped me out of the crowd in the centre about 4 people back when I had a bit of a faint during Alma Matters, I never thought the first time I'd passed out at a gig would be aged 22 and at the York Barbican!

      It was a wonderful, wonderful night. Moz and the band were happy and playing well, crowd were happy and playing rough, and I was surprised at the venue - it adapted really well to that gig.

      Also *name drop* Chloe Sevigny was there, we spoke briefly at the bar, she was struggling to get her friend in on VIP by the looks of her text message that I may or may not have read over her shoulder... ahem.

      The Girl In The Blue Top
    19. Kewpie
      How soon is now was not played last night.

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