YOR-physical release


its there:guitar:
1 pic and one painting inside :only other pic with moz is another of the baby inside ..moz is only seen from the chest upwards there and a painting called bodegon con jarra de vino(1914)
the lyric sheet is extra with no pictures baby and painting on the inside are not on the sheet

bought the lim edition

its in a grey coloured style
and it indeed has a fsk 12 (only plegal for people over 12!
havent watched the dvd and cant watch before sunday.. price 21.99 in our megastore...
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Oso Blanco

The Truth Is Out There
I bought the standard edition.

Does anyone hate those new jewel cases as much as I do? They are so f***ing ugly and it's hard to get replacements if one is broken. And it takes forever to take the booklet out, at least if you don't want to damage it.

Is the UK version also like this?


The shop that never opens
Had an email from play.com today saying my YOR had been posted.

It elicited little excitement in me, probably because I've been listening to it for over a month now.

Still, I'll be pleased when it arrives :D
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