YOR First try demo track mp3s?


The rest of you boring fucknuts critcizing the upload, shut the f*** up for f***'s sake.
I'm usually a patient person but you're managing to give me the shits, jesus fucking christ.


I'm essentially on my phone all the time these days, so these uploads help when I briefly jump onto a laptop.
This doesn't make sense. No one has explained how downloading from a secondary source is better. Can you clarify? You're on the phone all the time. Got it. Sometimes you use a laptop. I understand. There is a direct link to TTY in David Tseng's original post. Does it not work for you? I don't understand how it would be any more convenient to make a post asking for uploads. Not to mention your other solid gold posts abusing forum members who have the patience to explain this.

But please do explain.

a rejected soul

Thanks for the response, Ryan. Living in Gummo-land, I am one of the last people alive who doesn't own a mobile device, so I really don't know what saving files is like on one. I figured that might be the reason people wanted an alternative source but, being an inquisitive trailer-ape, I wanted some sort of confirmation of this theory.

Otherwise, I don't care about the, uh, ethical implications(?!!!) of downloading free official material from alternative sources. People tend to view incest and aerosol huffing a lot less kindly than anything your typical neurotic anon. square on morrissey-solo is capable of, so who am I to judge?


BTW: i hope nobody ever incurs the wrath of Oso or his troll friend
I'm pretty sure nobody takes him seriously.

Thanks for posting the tracks. If the issue here is that Morrissey is concerned with site statistics, then the irony is so great I don't even know what to say...
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