YOR & deluxe CD just arrived! (UK)

Black Eyed

Isn't he gorgeous !!
My postie just delivered my Years Of Refusal LP and the de-luxe CD and its the best Valentines pressie I could have (or will!) get.

Only one surprise in the CD is a new version of the holding baby shot. The baby looks very very cute :o

Also the LP isnt gatefold :( Just the picture on the front and details on the back.:(

The CD is of course gatefold but only has the new baby shot inside. One side is plain grey. The insert pic on the CD is the bowl of fruit pic and the four band members.

So a bit disappointed in the lack of photo's but I'm off to play the 'Wrestling With Russel' DVD now:)


The Cat's Mother

I'm a bit cheesed off with CD WOW. I pre-ordered YoR weeks ago and haven't even had a dispatch notification yet. I could have bought the bloomin' thing myself in Hull this weekend. :(

Anyone else still waiting?

EDIT: Sent them a snotty email. Feel a bit better now. :D
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Just picked mine up at HMV in Dublin. It's a nice little package. Tower Records didn't even have the special edition version... tsssk! They did have the cd/dvd version of ROTT for 5.99. Don't even want to think about how much I paid for that when it was released...


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bloody amazon i oredered the single and that hasn't arrived yet BLAST!!!!
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