Yet more 'Morrissey Clips' - Morrissey Central: awards, interviews & signings (28th May)

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By Famous when dead on May 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM
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    A selection of '90s YT videos linked to by SER today:

    MTV: Vauxhall signing '94.
    Tower Records, Philly, May '94.
    MTV: interview & signing '94.
    Q Award for best writer.
    MTV: fan interviews '92.
    Ivor Novello award '98.
    TFI Friday '97.
    Carson: Sing Your Life '91.
    MTV: Finsbury '92.

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    1. Anonymous
      The BMG deal is not exactly a standard record deal though . It's what's called a label services deal . he is not signed to BMG past one album that is why it is called BMG rights . They give him ex amount of money for making a record and marketing etc and that is it , that's why he has his own label , it's not the same as the Attack thing a few years back . BMG rights is a services deal in the same way that labels like Kobalt are now doing this with a lot of artists . In the long run and if the record is successful it's a better deal for the artist but neither Morrissey or BMG I think have any obligation to do another record together .
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    2. Anonymous
      exactly . he or she is obviously a crank with little or no life . I only really come on here for news etc and do find some of the comments interesting but find people like this so dull .

      I mean let's be real here. there are loads of artists and bands that I don't really care for and some I really dislike but could i even be bothered to spend five minutes on their website let alone post literally hundreds of messages against them on a daily basis ? Of course not , I couldn't give a toss one way of the other .

      I'm afraid this person and a couple others on here are genuine weirdo cranks , possibly ex fans (did maybe Morrissey ignore you when you waited outside a show years ago for an autograph??). ahhh

      nobody else except a total maladjusted freak would put this much effort into it . Life's too short and anyone with half a functioning brain just couldn't be arsed .
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    3. dotmatrix522
      Maybe hinting at another in-store LP signing? I know,it’s very unlikely, but 18 years is a long-time!
      Emphasis on the camp!
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    4. Anonymous
      You’re right. At first I thought it was funny seeing people turn on uncleskinny, but the arguments are so repetitive now they’re destroying threads. And I’m sure he’s perfectly happy trolling that way. Time for everyone to pretend he’s not here and we’ll be better for it.
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    5. Aly Panic
      Aly Panic
      Do you think he'll play new material at these new shows?
    6. vegan.cro spirit# 852
      vegan.cro spirit# 852
      You are thinking of this New Voodoo Drama Johnny:frogface: so called record deal, read the press release BMG and Moz are partners.:rock:
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    7. vegan.cro spirit# 852
      vegan.cro spirit# 852
      Moz on the very top. Moby DH, Sparks,:frogface:, James, NO suck :octopus::baseball:. Thats it for you, no further info for
      you Skinny.:tiphat:
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    8. ForgivemeJESUS
      You see instead of complicating you should keep issues simple.....morrissey is a singer who has a band and plays songs to his fans, and not a crooked politician with negative obsessions and selfish needs or greed. The only difference between his views on life and your views (being that's all they are,Views,opinions, words) is he puts his to music. Rather you like it or not ,you have a choice to listen or not. I choose to listen to him because I like it if I didn't I'd go elsewhere and not try to fix PEOPLE likes and Keep it simple
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    9. mcrickson
      Pretty sure Morrissey has all of those. He is negatively obsessed with "keeping England English," chart positions, and a court case that is over 20 years old.

      No, the only difference is that he has a legion of fans that support every move he makes unquestioningly. So when he says shit like "One can't help but feel the Chinese are a subspecies," people like you give him a free pass on it because it's under the guise of animal rights activism. Think for yourself. Hold your hero accountable. There's no need for him to be so irresponsible. He's been famous for thirty-plus years, he should know that when he says shit like that, morons will use it as an excuse to fuel their prejudices - very realistically to violent ends.
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    10. Anonymous
      Lest we forget.
      David T on Skinny.
      "I acknowledge that he has used information from moderation access in posts which is not appropriate and that has been discussed. "
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    11. ForgivemeJESUS
      You still are not getting it, it's his opinion ,not yours, freedom of speech ... and if you believe everything you read or hear that's a separate problem...if moz says he didn't say it why not give him the benefit especially knowing how the magazine and papers are about getting a story for YOURrrrrrr have a great day, I will ....done with off topic bs
    12. vegan.cro spirit# 453
      vegan.cro spirit# 453
      They eat puppies and kittens FFS:straightface:
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    13. mcrickson
      So when it's good shit that's written about Morrissey, it's to be believed, but when it's bad shit that's written about Morrissey, it's not? Noted.

      Free pass to Morrissey once again for inciting prejudice.
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    14. ForgivemeJESUS
      If it doesn't effect the music .....I don't care good or bad...omg
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    15. mcrickson
      But you just said he puts his views to music. So it does effect the music.
    16. vegan.cro spirit# 852
      vegan.cro spirit# 852
      Then why did you bother with his music in the first place:crazy:

      You should just make your own left wing loon music and listen to it 24/7:grin:
    17. ForgivemeJESUS
      Not to me, can't wait to here to here remix of new single when it arrives and I'm looking forward to the new dates on TOUR

    18. g23
      I must be this guy for a moment. A candy isle sounds pretty fantastic, being that it would be an entire island made out of candy. A candy aisle has shelves stocked with candy for sale.
    19. vegan.cro spirit# 852
      vegan.cro spirit# 852

      no luck with the:frogface: tix? due to the limited amount of tix available they are sure to sell out
    20. reelfountain
      No, you haven't understood me.
      A lot of people actually call themselves 'anti-racists' of even worse 'anti-fascists' and these people suffer from Orwell's doublespeak and doublethink to a degree that is actually laughable. They judge everyone by the colour of their skin despite preaching and pontificating how everyone around them is racist or bigoted in some way. I don't know what planet you're from, but these people are everywhere - they're like a fucking disease. They're like lice. Me, I believe in individuality ie scrap all race laws that treat certain people differently because of their colour. And if someone calls you a name then call them one back, don't run to the law expecting special treatment and priveleges. We all should be treated as individuals. That to me sounds more human and decent (as you say).

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