Yet more 'Morrissey Clips' - Morrissey Central: awards, interviews & signings (28th May)

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By Famous when dead on May 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM
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    A selection of '90s YT videos linked to by SER today:

    MTV: Vauxhall signing '94.
    Tower Records, Philly, May '94.
    MTV: interview & signing '94.
    Q Award for best writer.
    MTV: fan interviews '92.
    Ivor Novello award '98.
    TFI Friday '97.
    Carson: Sing Your Life '91.
    MTV: Finsbury '92.

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    1. Anonymous
      There certainly is a shit-load if bile spewed around here. ...but a mirror would better reflect the truth of that statement than your deflection onto others.

      Your fucking moniker is Neal Cassidy and yet, here you are, typing away like a fart in a windstorm.

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    2. Anonymous
      In other words, no? Just Moz for you?
    3. Anonymous
      Well said and clarified. Thanks for that. You believe that “anti-racist” is a thing.

      Here’s a tip, shooter...

      You either see people as individuals or you don’t. You either judge entire cultures based on the actions of a few or you don’t. You either wholly accept those whom you’ve not met - with different skin-tones - as equally deserving of a chance or you don’t.

      You’re either a racist or you’re not. There’s no such thing as an “anti-racist”. The term you’re looking for is “decent human being”.
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    4. Anonymous
      There’s a bit of a span there. Some great stuff early on!!!! Fantastic, really.

      Clips from ‘91-‘92? He’s at the top of his solo game. By ‘94, he’s already starting his descent into what you hear and see now. ...a waffling, self-absorbed try-hard who nobody half-decent wants to work or play with. The stuff after ‘94 is basically the last gasp before his descent into his current and final abyss. Now it’s all just stretching the tea-bag over 3 uses for lyrics, accompanied by vanilla pudding music, best served in an oatmeal coloured elevator.
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    5. DavidK
      He is a staunch nationalist and his ideal Britain is likely some romantic version of what he experienced in his youth.
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    6. DavidK
      Pretty harsh but not far off. After Vauxhall it is like his spark went down the shitter and he lost it. Musicians get to a certain stage in their life and what they experience is totally askew from their audience. Being unrelatable is the kiss of death. The Smiths captured and summed up our collective teenage angst, but now? Some of it is catchy but let's be real here....
    7. bhops
      What do you mean???? Low In High School is ACE!!!

      In fact I'm going to go and play it right now and sing along at the top of my lungs to that incredibly emotional refrain at the end of 'Home is a Question Mark' where his Mozjesty croons 'If I ever get there, do you really think I will? Do you really think I will? How many times I've saved MMMYYYYSSSEEEELLLLFFF.'

      Jesus H. Fucken Christ that catches me in the gut everytime, just like those early Smiths songs did in my teenage years.
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    8. rifke
      your copying skankys style of posting means that I misread the tone of your post so that only when I got to the very end of it did I realize you weren't being sarcastic. you should stop doing that. man of your mature years...
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    9. bhops
      Go back through my disreputable posting history and you'll see that my posting style hasn't wavered since 2006, a full damn decade before you showed up here baybee. The people dat matter to me understand my ways and dats all dat matters :brows::kissingheart:
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    10. rifke
      so basically this is your full posting potential?
    11. bhops
      Well I think we'd both agree there is zero potential in what I post here, I save my A+ stuff for the private boxing forum I belong to :tearsofjoy:
    12. rifke
      you stop trying to get my attention, bhiops. you ought to know I have a very busy night ahead of me. first, I have to watch the entire second season of doctor foster, then I have to engage in a mirror session wherein I arrange my hands about my person in various poses to ascertain how noticeable my enlarged knuckle is, then I have a freezer full of ice cream I must eat (ie. fasting tomorrow). all of which means that I don't have time for you pal! do try to find something constructive to do, will you?
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    13. bhops
      Ummm YOU started quoting my posts in this thread, you silly sausage.
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    14. Rubberring
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    15. Anonymous
      And Another....this one will go straight to his head
    16. bhops
      I have no idea what any of this means but I'm certainly excited by it!
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    17. rifke
      now, the polite thing would be to ask me how it all went. don't you think that would be polite?
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    18. bhops
      Surely you’re not expecting to get anything polite out of me? :lbf:
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    19. 001
      Why are you lying?
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    20. Anonymous
      It might make this site more relevant if we all stopped responding to UnclePeter's twattish, racist bilge. He is quickly becoming the focus of every thread - exactly what he wants and what gives him a purpose to continue.

      I'm as guilty as anyone as it's quite entertaining to insult his fuck-ugly face (and personality) and highlight his many contradictions and total lack of self-awareness. It's funny. But it's now too easy and is becoming as tedious and repetitive as the boz-eyed loon himself.

      He's an utter twat. Simple as that. He knows it, his family know it, we know it. Time to move on.

      See you in July.
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