Yes I Am Blind 91 live best source?

What's the best available recording of this song from the Kill Uncle tour and would someone mind posting it? I don't believe a soundboard recording exists but I remember having a pretty good audience recording which I can no longer locate. All I came across on my hard drive is an audience recording from Brighton but it's pretty bad. Thanks in advance.


This one is from Wembley 1991. I've got seven shows from Kill Uncle, all are soundboard but this one, and this is the only one with the song.

This is an average-quality audience recording. The sound is not amazing but it's certainly listenable.

Yes, I Am Blind (Wembley 1991)


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Wonder why was the song was permanently retired after so few outings ? It's a great song and Boz/Alain/etc do a nice job with it. It's shame Moz doesn't choose to release more soundboard recordings from ancient tours as B-sides, etc. ,

And thanks once more , Skylarker ...


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It's a good song, and a very strong b-side, but it's not exactly concert material.

Don't know about that ... I think it would nicely fill the slot that's been occupied in the past by Seasick , We'll Let You Know , Why Don't You Find , ...

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