Yes Grammar Schools were very snobbish. So what>

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Her soul slides away, but don't look back in anger

The minority, (and it was in those days 1970's) of working class kids who passed the 11 plus. Oh yes we were all snobs.

Why should we now not look down on you thickos.

Yes, we ruled the waves in the 70's.

I passed my 11 plus exam in 1970 with flying colours and was given my first choice of Grammar School, nearest to home...La Sagesse in Aigburth, Liverpool, run by Benedictine Nuns, only two classes per year,,,blah blah.

I am just trying to point a fact out here.

How dare ANYONE who was brought up in a working class background, lived in a council house for most of their youth take on a "not good enough for ne"

I'm sick of this now, I am boring myself.

Basically, Oasis are sound.

Noel is ...loveable for being so....normally ...normal and working class.

I adore his unpretentiousness.

Good on you Noel.

And thank you for loving your Liverpool cousins! x
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