year of refusal demos - hoax


Speedway, here we come!
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Forget me ..... sounds like Draiize Train. Cheers!



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Thank you for uploading these tracks. Any chance of uploading the others, counting from the numbers there might be 5 more demos????
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My morning started with pleading emails from the starter of this thread asking me to take down the links embedded in my quote of his because "Alain got mad, I wasn't supposed to give those out."

I smell bigtime bullshit here on a number of levels...the main reason being that if the actual files were deleted from the hosting site, why would it matter if I edited the quote in my post? And his typing was horrendous..a little too horrendous, if you know what I mean, and he was way too verbose.

It went on like that for about 14 letters, then I had to get my son up for school.

Anyway yeah, I'll repost the (probably fake) demos.

Here...have fun.
you a liar. i sent you 2 message and 2 response to you being a dickhead and being mean to me. i never said alan was mad, my friend who is not alan who give these to me is mad and asked me to remove these. i had to delete from host site because u would not remove the links from your post jerk! I'm not a native speaker so why make fun of at me and laugh? yoy are a jerk!!!!! big jerk!


It's all good
Re: year of refusal demos

Think of a troublemaking user who is an absolute dick, and then wonder why they went to all this trouble, pretending to be someone else, editing meta-data, just to feel appreciated. It's all pretty sad, really.

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