X-Mas present for Moz


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silly thought just came to mind: assuming you had unlimited amounts of money, what would you buy him for christmas? :)

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Johnny in a box. A pocket sized one would be impracticle.:p

virtually dead

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But imagine all the things he could do with a life sized one!!:p

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
I'm sure he could find something he'd never tried before...:p
I would give him a voucher for my eternal friendship :D
How about a re-enacment of that Michael Douglas film 'The Game', featuring Mike Joyce as the lead, all filmed for Morrissey's repeated viewing pleasure?

With unlimited cash i'd be able to quit my job and spend my days making him something ... a statue perhaps. Or maybe i'd breed a new strain of gladioli or daffodil and patent it in his name.
Even better would be to make him Christmas number one continually for the rest of his career. I think he'd appreciate that ... and it'd be one in the eye for bloody Stiff Richard.


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Easy... me! :p


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i wouldnt 'buy' anything...
i'd persuade people to stop being cruel to animals, or t go veggie, thats a much better present.
thats what im doing for my birthday *next week! arggh* if anyone i know asks waht i want, the ones who aren't veggie (which arent that many, i try not to associate with murderers) i will ask them to be veggie for a whole month.


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I'd get him the new Ingmar Bergman box set of 30 D.V.D' S. He could watch them with his mum over Xmas.
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