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Wyatt Cenac Thinks Morrissey Is the Ron Paul of Music
- Spin


Who have you worked with, or shared the stage with, that you’ve also shared music with?
There’s a comedian named Jen Kirkman, a good friend, who was talking about Morrissey one day, and I can’t name a Morrissey song. She was shocked I didn’t know anything about Morrissey, so much so that when I jokingly said, “His music is kind of like Tears for Fears, right?” she got upset. Then I asked her if she ever heard of Jodeci, and she didn’t, so we were two people sharing our high school musicians whose names kind of rhyme.

When did you come to this realization?
We were both in Australia last year for the Melbourne [International] Comedy Festival. We were having that conversation and then I would torment her with various artists I knew weren’t Morrissey. I was like, “Morrissey did that song ‘Take On Me,’ right?” and she’d get really pissed. She was like, “That’s not Morrissey. You really believe that my high school was spent sitting in my room listening to ‘Take On Me’ by a-ha?”

Morrissey fans are notorious for not having a sense of humor.
They’re very committed. Morrissey is kind of like the Ron Paul of music: He has an ardent fanbase, and they don’t understand why you don’t get [his music], and why you can’t see that he has a plan for the future. I don’t know if Morrissey would like to be called the Ron Paul of music.


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