Wright stuff with Tim Samuels

Just watching the Matthew Wright show, Tim Samuels mentioned his first ever interview with Morrissey for his school paper. Nice photo of Samuels in a Meat is murder T-shirt and Moz smiling. He also said he was due to interview Moz for the culture show, but after Googling Samuels and discovering he was no longer a veggie he cancelled.

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Wrong species


Thank you! That interview is pure gold!

In one breath, he declares that...

The life of any animal is just as important to that animal as your life is to you, and mine to me.
...and then, seeing no inconsistency, openly admits...

I do wear leather shoes though because I can't really see that there is a sensible alternative.
His reasoning...

the synthetic shoes I've seen in the past looked very silly and that does come into it unfortunately.
And then just to compound the hypocrisy, he comments on people wearing fur:

What do you think about people wearing fur?
It's disgusting. They're disgusting.
Yip, this sounds like the kind of person I'm likely to take a lecture from.

Is it any wonder Mike Joyce's counsel were able to tear him to shreds? Roll on Morrissey v's NME :)

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