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By Sarcasmos on Aug 6, 2016 at 2:50 AM
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    En noviembre saldrá una reedición de WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (último álbum de Morrissey) a través de otro sello...por lo que se ve en la imagen es Étienne. Pronto ampliaremos la información.


    Photo source posted by Famous when dead:

    The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dir: C.T.Dreyer) is a great film.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by Sarcasmos, Aug 6, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      Yeah and having a new cover adds a collectors incentive to buy. Some people will buy every color the record comes in for some artists.
    2. pluck
      Maybe we finally will listen all french versions from singles...
    3. BrummieBoy
      This one will be EPIC! Off to a flying start with ye olde 'now I know how Joan of Arc felt' trope, it's already clear Morrissey has learned nothing from having his arse handed to him on a plate by my mt8, Wolvo Steve and is carrying on with his 'But I am SPECIAL!' nonsense.

      He is just another 80s legacy act who nobody will give the time of day to other than to keep their oar in should there be a Smiths Reunion. Johnny Marr holds all the cards, not Morrissey. We must wait to see if JM's Autobiography is 'diplomatic', keeping the door open for a £ Smiths kerching! situation or if Marr decides he has enough money and self-respect to carry on his fascinating journey as an Artist and slams the door on Morrissey's face with a few well-chosen ripostes to Morrissey's insults in his ludicrous Autobiography. One can assume with some safety that the reviews of JM's book will be kinder than those of List of the Lost for it's clear that JM has a concise gift with words which Morrissey once had before his florid car-crash prose destroyed his reputation as a WordSmith.

      'WPINOYB-The Sequel' starring Special Snowflake Morrissey as Joan of Arc...martyrd by Wolvo Steve Barnett.......get in the *popcorn*!

      Actually, if all the songs are put in one place on a 4 sided double LP it would work so much better but I very much doubt Morrissey is capable of re-imagining this troubled work to bring it's best qualities to life. It's easily one of his better Solo works. If only he'd allowed the Dad Rock with World Music flourishes a decade ago instead of wasting time chasing Middle America with his Green Day imitating radio-friendly Boomer punk soundscape that was YOR. I guess the failure of ROTT made him lose his nerve but that was also a tame beast as you'd hardly even know the genius Morricone had any involvement such was the lack of ambition in the mixing of LIAP. Perhaps Visconti was on instructions from The Bowie to sabotage that project.....LOL!
    4. Eldritch
      World Peace got mostly prominent four star reviews across the media and Harvest had bought a decent amount of adverts, so obviously those potential 500 000 buyers aren't too interested in their supposed idol or media in general. So how do you reach them, when your star doesn't do interviews and is too old for radio? I agree that Staircase should have been a single, but I find it hard to believe that it would get enough radio play to change anything.
    5. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      He couldn't use the original sleeve. The dog refused to allow it's image to be used citing reputational damage.
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    6. Maurice E Maher
      Maurice E Maher
      Great reviews in the music press make a very small difference to sales (perhaps around 20,000) and adverts account for virtually nothing. When did you last buy an album because you saw a poster advertising it? Your Arsenal was Morrissey's second most critically acclaimed album yet sold in tiny quantities (even by his standards). And interviews hardly make any difference either. Have you ever bought an album because you heard the singer being interviewed?
      Radio airplay is really the only significant factor. The first 3 of Morrissey's 21st century albums had big airplay singles at the time (FOTG, You Have Killed Me, and Paris).
      World Peace 's only proper single, Istanbul received hardly any (languishing on the Radio 2 C-list).
      And he's not too old for radio at all. Radio 2 (The UK's biggest station), XfM, Absolute etc will all happily play new music by people of his generation. James just enjoyed their highest chart position for 20 years thanks to Radio 2 sticking their single on the A-list.
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    7. Anonymous
      I think these things matter more than you think. I've for sure bought an album from groups I didn't know and those that I do based on a review. Not because this person said it was good but rather the way they might have described it or said something about it that caught my interest. Same with an interview when the artist says something interesting about his or her work and perhaps went through something interesting. Against mes singer recently became transgendered and wrote an album about her experience with it. The incident and her words about the subject made me interested in the songs. I've been a casual fan for a long time but after reading I decided to preview some songs on YouTube and bought the album. Radio for me has played almost no role in my music buying habits for over a decade and a half but that's in part because radio is much less significant here than there in modern times. I would say here it's blogs and music sites that stimulate record sales more so than radio. Personally I'd say they all matter and together add up to sales
    8. ACTON
      1000 people maybe. Not 500K people. Plus.... The vanilla version of World Peace is dirt cheap on Amazon (£4) and free on the Internet. No doubt the reissue will be a crazily high price at least for a while. I can't see Moz selling it for less than £4.
    9. Anonymous
      He'll get streaming revenu though from places like Spotify whatever the amount
    10. Uncleskinny
      Which will amount to about £0.36. Do you know how Spotify works?
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    11. Anonymous
      Yes but it can go on a bunch of different streaming sites that just being one. I was listening to npr yesterday and they were doing an interview with a guy from some foreign country I can't remember which about money he earns from YouTube profits and other streaming outlets. Does acapella music he makes in his garage and between streaming funds in multiple places plus physical albums sales, and this music he makes At home with no label, and he doesn't need a job etc to pay for his house and belongings. Point being while I don't think he'll get super rich it's a bit more significant than you're making it out to be. Also helps get people talking and is good advertisement to get people to come to shows and buy merch when there are multiple outlets for people to hear your music. Here's one article on the YouTube revenu subject from a guy who makes a good amount of money just doing covers. It was in the top of the list in searches and I didn't want to look to hard but I'm sure you can find the more recent one of you want to look

    12. Vegan
      Well I for one hope it's not baited with any unreleased tracks. I already have the Deluxe...actually I don't mind if there is I'll buy it again anyway :D
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    13. ACTON
      Moz would be better off self releasing a new album. Perhaps the profits (if there are any) from World Peace will finance new album. Moz said he would never go down the DIY route but people are entitled to change their minds especially if there are no alternatives.
    14. Uncleskinny
      Crowdfunding with perks worked well for The Damned

    15. Anonymous
      Alas. Slimy Itchy Wiener might find this sleeve not particularly helpful when masturbating.

      I really don't think it's Artistic enough for him.

      He's probably making his own version, adding false eyelashes, a wig, and tons of lipstick; and big breasts. Big boobs last longer on the scaffold.

      As for the panties, he is still hesitant: historical accuracy is paramount, or he might be dismissed as a sleazy useless tosser once again... :eek:

      G. string, of course! BUT WHICH COLOUR? Someone educated, like Uncle, is bound to know. Quick, let's give him a ring.
    16. Anonymous
      Any idea if this is still happening?

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