WPINOYB to be reissued by Étienne, Nov. 2016 with new sleeve - Typical Moz e-zine/ Facebook

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By Sarcasmos on Aug 6, 2016 at 2:50 AM
  1. Sarcasmos

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    May 24, 2016
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    Original text:

    En noviembre saldrá una reedición de WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (último álbum de Morrissey) a través de otro sello...por lo que se ve en la imagen es Étienne. Pronto ampliaremos la información.


    Photo source posted by Famous when dead:

    The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dir: C.T.Dreyer) is a great film.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by Sarcasmos, Aug 6, 2016.

    1. Oso Blanco
      Oso Blanco
      Fans have bought WPINOYB already, so what's the point of a re-release? It's not that great an album to begin with, so who is supposed to buy it the second time around?
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    2. docinwestchester
      On the stage at Bergen now:

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    3. Anonymous
      kind of an older crowd I see.
    4. Anonymous
      Our man is becoming an an adrenaline junky, he is white water canoeing:clap:

    5. Sarcasmos
    6. Anonymous
      Funny and probably true. Neat to see the adorable artwork. My first thought on the image is that it brought belle and Sebastian to mind
    7. countthree
      If this is true, it's wonderful. The cover is perfect, Morrissey at his best.

      Two anthems in that album: I'm not a man and World Peace... Morrissey always way ahead of his time.
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    8. ADAM
      I was simply terrified (for a brief moment) that the person on the cover was Lena Dunham.
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    9. joe frady
      joe frady
      Maria Falconetti...heavenly.
      Now i know how she felt...Now i know how she felt.
      And the centre label image has been delpoyed before; some mucky kid amongst his 45s, from a 2004-era aftershow pass...identity unknown...?

    10. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      It is the French equivalent of Steven but it means "crown."
    11. Anonymous
      It's a still from the German movie Tätowierung (1967) by Johannes Schaaf.

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    12. ACTON
      You are such a fool. Self releasing an album isn't scraping the barrel. Posting anonymously on a fan site while you scratch your diseased gonads is.
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    13. Anonymous
      Any good
    14. Anonymous
      If it is a self-release, who is he going to blame when it doesn't get to #1 in the album charts? :confused:
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    15. Sarcasmos
      Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith
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    16. Anonymous
      hes probably just going to sell it at the gigs for 35 quid apiece.
      only his most ardent bots can actually stare at that awful cover.
    17. Maurice E Maher
      Maurice E Maher
      There are about 500,000 people who would buy a Morrissey album in the UK if they a) knew it was out and b) thought it was any good.
      Most of these 500,000 didn't even know World Peace was out - it sold 35,000.
      Put out 'Staircase' (his catchiest song since FOTGTD), it will be a-listed by Radio 2, Xfm and Absolute, and will help the album to shift 100,000 alone.
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    18. nobody's_nothing
      I personally won't be buying it since I already have the vinyl, but I find the news interesting nevertheless. I'm just happy that Morrissey is embarking on a new tour, and I am hoping this gives him the impetus/energy to create new things in the future.
    19. Anonymous
      so if this is a self-release, that would imply that moz was not happy with the original sleeve. I always assumed he had a part in that original sleeve, but maybe not? was that ever determined?
    20. mcrickson
      For an album they could easily find/rip from YouTube? I think those numbers might be wishful thinking, considering the album is freely available. I'm happy he's getting it reissued as per his wishes - and looks like he is giving more credence to the idea of self-releases - but "shift 100,000" when those people can get those songs for free right now? People will buy it. I don't think that many people will buy it.

      I would imagine he would just want to differentiate between the Harvest version and his reissue version.

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