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By marred on Jun 4, 2014 at 10:35 AM
  1. marred

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    May 8, 2006
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    Amazon in Germany has deluxe edition CDs with the track listing confirmed on their site. it says it's a double CD. Also at Amazon UK.

    The vinyl version doesn't mention the word Deluxe but it does show 2 discs, even though they've written the wrong names on the second disc.

    They also have quite a large ish hi res pic of the sleeve (1500x1500).

    Stoned also posted the links to the items at recordstore.co.uk:

    World Peace Is None of Your Business: Deluxe + Album Artcard (CD)
    Order 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' and you will receive an exclusive 5.5 x 8" album artcard.

    World Peace Is None of Your Business + Album Artcard (Vinyl)
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by marred, Jun 4, 2014.

    1. marred
    2. Ryan
      I wonder if that

      *Artwork subject to change

      bit that appeared on the website will come to pass?

      Don't really understand why the album cover is exactly the same as the digital single cover for the title track, with the exception of "MORRISSEY" written in the bottom left corner.
    3. marred
      Or there is no art work for the so called singles. I'm pretty certain that art work is for the album, not the single. Otherwise we would've seen some art work for Istanbul. I want to be wrong but I doubt I am on this one. When the bullfighter dies is released that won't have any art work either.
    4. GlasgowChivas
      Given that the merch stalls at the gigs feature t-shirts with the wall/pen/dog image and merch with just the text on it I think it is fair to say that it is the album cover. The subject to change bit probably relates to the Harvest logo placement and the font and placement of 'Morrissey' on the cover.
    5. marred
      Yes I think you're right. Album art work is confirmed and so is the fact that there is no art work for the singles, because they aren't really singles anyway.
    6. Stoned
    7. peroxidemonkey
      THE worst piece of artwork Photoshop cloning I've ever seen on a professional release, as a graphic designer of toooo many years, its makes me feel ill looking at it, its just so cheap, I'm going to cut out the bottom left corner around his name so its bearable to look at. From someone who had iconic artwork to this! Truly truly truly Disappointed.
    8. wemissumoz
      Of come on, maybe that little tree just has a twin brother who lives right next door!
    9. mozzalini999
      It's all very well seeing these lovely deluxe vinyl listings, but what if we've already pre-ordered from the Universal store when they were first offered? Do we miss out on something that wasn't even available?
      I really don't want to have to pay twice.
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    10. marred
      That's precisely why I waited before purchasing anything. But I can understand the excitement of the pre-order though.
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    11. bored
      I checked the link.. but it's all in Spanish.
    12. Anonymous
      Listening to Earth is the Planet, does anybody else find the volume of the guitar screeching too loud in the mix?

      On this note, this video is hilarious:

      I guess Morrissey does.
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    13. Anonymous
      What!? You're not going to purchase two copies of every version released (one to vacuum seal and the other to touch yourself to)? How dare you call yourself a fan!
    14. peroxidemonkey
      Ha! a little CLONED bit of rock, pot and weed, the original shot looks totally fine, why mess with it so badly tsk tsk.
    15. Anonymous
      watch from 1:18.

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    16. eugenius
      What in the fuck is an "art card?"

      Sounds like an extra paper insert.

      This whole product launch is completely unprofessional. There are so many similar World Peace releases, it's almost designed to make collectors purchase multiple discs and packages on accident.

      Sure, I want to buy the album on the very first day, but I can't because of the current launch chaos. No one's really sure what the cover art (LP and singles) will look like, no one really knows about those a la carte packages mentioned last month, and now there's mention of a second disc... yet NO ONE knows what that second disc exactly consists of.

      And I haven't even gotten to the poor quality of the Moz and dog pic.

      Methinks someone in the Morrissey camp (management, record company, who knows?) thought that the built-in Morrissey audience would snap up every format of everything on offer, high quality or low. Maybe that's true, but the lack of professionalism is keeping me from committing to buy anything until I see proof that it even physically exists.
    17. darkeyelids
      Its obviously the 6 deluxe edition tracks
    18. eugenius
      I won't believe it until I see a physical copy.
    19. Anonymous
      The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Relax. There’s still a whole month to get this sorted out. Besides, the album will probably leak a week or two before the official release date. You may not even want to buy it after hearing the whole thing.

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