"WPINOYB" background photo - graffiti at studio La Fabrique?

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By Anonymous on May 14, 2014 at 5:20 AM
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    1. surewhynot
    2. realitybites
      I hate to be a cynic. But the text looks Photoshopped onto the image. I think it is a fake.
    3. CrystalGeezer
      I think it's fake too. The text isn't affected by glare or shadows like the moldy building is.
    4. realitybites
      Exactly. And it looks flat.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      Yep. You could sample both sides with an eyedropper in photoshop and they'd be the same color.
    6. realitybites
      The article translated states:

      Morrissey has released the incredible cover of her new album and we were behind the site of the iconic wall of World Peace is None Your Business.

      The producer and musician James Abraham had the pleasure of seeing the wall with the inscription which is now famous. She is on the outside of the studio La Fabrique, south of France in a town called Avignon, where James was to attend a seminar with producers around the world, as Tchad Blake, who has already mixed Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. The wall is part of another house, it collapsed and abandoned. "Total suggesting," James said.

      Intrigued by the scene of the destroyed wall and Motoca, he took a picture that was asked not to publish until Morrissey disclose the cover of World Peace is None Your Business. James waited, after all, nobody would want to annoy the boy with the torn in his side, right? But now the picture of Morrissey was released, here is the place where it was taken.​

      Well, we know he was not photographed in front of that wall. The photo was taken elsewhere--with an entirely different background.


      And really, haha, World Peace is None of Your Business is a famous inscription? Someone found the place and took a pic or found a photo of it online, then Photoshopped the text onto the image--after the cover art was released.
    7. marred
      Now I can picture Morrissey leaning with his back to the right hand side of the wall and we already have a better album cover... no?
    8. Dave2006
      Go on Columbo, does anyone know what motorcycle / motor bicycle / scooter is in the shot? A half arsed search on Google images has got me nowhere with it...

    9. Anonymous
      This is so interesting as well as very important please keep me in the loop with the findings will you

    10. BrummieBoy
      It's a famous inscription now, isn't it? Our translation is different. Are you fluent in French? We read well, but in conversation we struggle with the inflection differences between Pas De Calais and Provence accents.

      best wishes
    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymouswithapologies

      what is authentic/real?!?! the whole photo or scenery from the studio? the person who claimed this on twitter was not writing the truth 'cause it's obvious that grafitti-letters don't fit naturally on the surface of that wall!!

      p.s. apologies
    13. Wobble
      Did you try? I'm pretty certain the left side is darker!
    14. realitybites
      That's right; you tell 'em.


      No, I don't speak French; I barely speak/write English, as has been demonstrated time and time again on these forums.
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    15. Anonymous
      What a shame. O NOVO DO MORRISSEY isn't French, it's Portuguese.
      My goodness. I expected more intelligent people following Moz. Uh la la...
    16. realitybites
      Haha. Did not notice/care what language it was in. Plugged it into Google translate. Only thought 'French' because Brummie asked if I spoke French. That is what happens when you half-care and half-focus. Looking at the original test, now, it is quite obvious it is not French.

      I (we) stand corrected. Thank you.
    17. MarioTheMexMozFan
      I think that the graffiti was designed by Banski.
      Moz did gave thanks to Banski saying his name three times in last Saturdays show at LA.
    18. CrystalGeezer
      DUDE! It's with a Y. You keep misspelling it.
    19. BrummieBoy

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