wouldnt morrissey make a great friday night project host


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hi,just a thought i would love to see morrissey, host this programme for a episode,,listening to russell brands last radio interview with morrissey i remember mozza saying he thought alan carr was a great comedian,,cant see morrissey ever doing something like this,i, would love alan carr to coax him into it,,,a joy to watch....tobin...


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I think he'd host such a program with much hilarity and the way I'd want to host a show.

Such a funny thought really.

Quitting his monologue halfway in because whoever wrote it is lame. Stopping interviews short if he didn't like the way they were going. Not plugging current projects which the interview was set up for, instead focusing on whatever subject happens to be on his mind.

Julia in the front row. Boz as the band director providing witty banter.

On top of all that, everyone drunk.

Would make for good entertainment, last two seasons and a Christmas special in the UK, and get cancelled in the US after about two episodes.


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if morrissey did a show like this at the end of the year to coincide with the new album and tour it would be great publicity for him as this show is a big hit ,and to widen his fanbase.however when the part of the show when alan carr reads the friday night news can you imagine mr carr saying "morrissey i have something red and hard under the table for you" i would piss myself on the spot, great tv...lets swamp carrs website to get the ball rolling...


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I would pay to see this happen!
It seems to me like Moz doesn't take himself 'as' seriously these days, so perhaps..nah, perhaps not.


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I don't watch this show anymore - but I would if Morrissey hosted.

It can be a bit weak sometimes - but then can't we all, I'm not critisising - anyway, I'm too busy watching my Mighty Boosh DVDs!


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I quite like Justin Lee Collins, and Alan Carr, but I don't watch much TV, and rarely catch the programme. But, off course I would make sure I did for Moz :) I think hes funny, quick and witty enough to make it work, but I doubt he would like some of the silliness that goes on, like dressing up in daft costumes, e.t.c. I'd love to see it all the same. And could he pretend to like the band thats on, even if he thinks they're utter rubbish? I don't think so :)


The programme insults the viewer. Even the suggestion that someone on this board thinks that he might be a good host/guest makes me cringe. Please God No! Never.

Alan Carr actually is a talented comedian. But you would never realise that by watching this sack of shit. The other bloke (Justin Lee Collins) just reminds me of a bad 'Hospital Radio' DJ. Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it was scripted by some 'work experience' kid (I suspect I'm not that wrong?).

I'm convinced that Channel 4 have a policy of putting out their worst 'Yoof' crap, on a Friday night. I'm just glad that we can now indulge in time-shift viewing, and avoid dross like this.

I will be down Horseferry Rd in a fortnight, so I'll pop into Channel 4 and duff up the first person I see! Or perhaps I'll just tut instead?
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