would you like morrissey if he wasnt famous


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Generally I've just sat them down in front of the computer to discuss the frink thread, but the shrine has grown a bit as of late.



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I wish I was on YOUR staff. My boss has a few kitten calendars strewn around the office... Morrissey would be better.


I would totally love him. I'd probably be enticed by his way of thinking. and his musical tastes and good looks and charming attitude. I bet we would have funny weird conversations. He would be one of best buddies.


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i think most of you missed the original intention of the question, it assumes youve already been introduced..

i'd like to think that it wouldnt be 'down the pub' but rather at a museum or somesuch where we could have a much more interesting conversation and be able to hear ourselves without shouting.
I know I would like him immensly, he has all the same opinions in/on life as me and people like that are rare. :)


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I'm kinda into nerds so I imagine if he's nerdy I'd like him. If he's not and does turn out to be my soulmate I'm going to be bummed. :rolleyes:


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Well, if I some how knew what his interests were, then I would (I'm 21). I have a hard time relating to people my age. From what I know we could probably get a decent conversation about music going, since we listen to the same things for the most part haha.
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