"World Peace..." review by Stephen Troussé in Uncut (8/10, Aug. 2014)

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By Uncleskinny on Jun 21, 2014 at 4:08 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    Thanks to JF for the pics.


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    1. joe frady
      joe frady
      Welly Well.

      Thank you for posting P. and to JF.
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    2. jm26
      I can't bloody wait to hear the album after these reviews :cool:.
    3. Thewlis
      Thanks for the scans.
      It looks like his best record since Quarry at least.
      And it's probably better.
      World Peace an improved America is not the World.
      Istanbul an improved I'm not Sorry.
      Kick the Bride an improved Lazy Dykes.
      All that was missing was a killer single, but that is what Kiss Me a Lot will be.
    4. Anonymous
      Earth is not filler, it's a fine song. And "Late Morrissey" is awfully depressing. Just dig the 55- year old's grave.
    5. Anonymous
      Just purely in terms of reviews, ROTT got at least two five-star reviews in major publication. Not saying that to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, but to point out that Morrissey does have critical successes within the last decade to live up to.
    6. Surface
      Another excellent review, looking forward to hearing the full album.
    7. ACTON
      Good point. It is hard to fully appreciate the songs released so far until they are in the context of the album as a whole. When I first heard 'all you need is me' I thought it was fairly weak. But it made more sense as part of Refusal. Strange but true, for me at least.
    8. Southport Grandma
      Southport Grandma
      Nice to read a review with positive comments about the band's musical contribution.
    9. FAN
      So, again we have some reviewer throwing out positives about the upcoming release. Based on what has been released and played so far, there is now way this will compare to anything close to Morrissey's glory years of Viva Hate, etc.

      Had a listen to "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name" yesterday, and I was thinking, the current Morrissey could never write anything like this--and the accompanying music is stellar.

      His band is horrible--no matter how you want to look at things; quit drinking the Kool-Aid and think for yourself.
    10. orestes3009
      For me, the most interesting thing about the reviews is that each one of them praises a different song. For Uncut it's Smiler With Knife, for Q it's Oboe Concerto and for Mojo it's Staircase at the University and Mountjoy. That's awesome...
    11. Sidnettle
      if it's any good, it's better than Quarry
    12. Sidnettle

      I remember NME calling The National Front Disco filler (never been sure whether to take that at face value or not).
    13. CrystalGeezer
      You seem to be drinking your own private reserve of Kool-Aid made with urine. Jesus.
    14. Anonymous
      "Earth" is a work of art. Simple lyrics with big meanings, crescendo vocals and music. Harp, finger-sliding keyboard, a gentle acoustic strum introducing a noisy guitar solo. Even Kristeen Young did her part.

      Bundle Bear

    15. Anonymous
      Well said. Moz and I will be enjoying the vegan-friendly moscato. I bet the sugar in FAN's urine Kool-Aid is made from GMO beets.

    16. gonzax
      I am really looking forward to the album and judging by the four tracks released so far I think it's going to be great and very different. "Earth is the loneliest planet", by the way, is a fantastic track, in no way a filler but obviously everyone will have their own favorites.
    17. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      Great review of the album, well put together, going by the tracks so far, a very heart felt album, saying what he feels, wish there was a queen is dead finally though : )
    18. Velvis
      Just aching to hear this now.

      Thank you for scanning.

      Interesting what he says about 'Smiler With Knife', best song on the album...
      The anticipation is killing me!
    19. marred
      The current Morrissey wouldn't write that song today because he knows he wrote it already. I love kool aid. It's delicious.

      Also, can you please tell me how to think for myself.

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