"World Peace..." review by Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone (3 1/2 stars)

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    1. floss
      I am very excited about this album.

      The early reviews have been very positive..

      Life may not be a pigsty after all.
    2. ninetimesfined
      The Rolling Stone has obviously started to gather moss if they're dedicating more column inches to the new Maroon 5 than the new Moz record.
    3. Anonymous
      It truly is exciting. I haven't been this buzzed about an upcoming release in well over a decade.
    4. Anonymous
      love moz but he'll be hard pressed to best Shane MacGowan's homage to Brendan Behan, "Streams of Whiskey".
    5. fredkocherpepsi
      I’ll never understand how they’ll give a Moz album a 3.5 star rating but anything by Kanye West a 5 star.
    6. Anonymous
      Yeezus sh*ts on Moz's last two records easily.
    7. Anonymous
      They never give Morrissey more than a 4 star rating.

      The smiths debut album - 4 stars
      Viva Hate- 4 stars
      Vauxhall & I - 4 stars

      But the review is good. I'm very curious about Mountjoy and Oboe Concerto, now.
    8. Viva Mozza
      Viva Mozza
      The early reviews really sound like it's worth waiting for the release date!

      I'm really looking forward to the album.
    9. celibate
      countdown the days, 17 to go till july 14

      'and they say he's mentall' ... *****....
    10. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      being misunderstood is so much better than being understood,thats just plain boring,and its great being mental,im so leeds united about this new album,joy joy joy : )))
    11. FDR
      If Rob found this record "surprisingly strong" then how could he possibly be aware of what "fans were expecting"?
    12. ACTON
      That wasn't a review at all. His 3.5 stars means nothing. Just as a 5 star non review would not mean anything unless backed up with some kind of explanation to why you liked/disliked it.
    13. Anonymous
      I see your point, but neither guy really writes his own music...but Kanye at least is more cutting edge than "guitar, bass, drums", FWIW.
    14. Lisa
      Oh shut it, Rob Sheffield! I'm hopeful and excited ... July 15 can't get here soon enough!
    15. Anonymous
      Beefaroni is a lyric. I'm thoroughly amused.
    16. fredkocherpepsi
      I guess more what I’m saying is, I’ve been a reader of Rolling Stone for over 20 years (used to sneak my mom’s issues when I was in like 5th grade and read them) and I can already guess what type rating they’re going to give an artist before seeing it. Any Bruce Springsteen album - 4 to 5 stars. Kanye - 4 to 5 stars. etc.
    17. Justin Playfair
      Justin Playfair
      Corporate magazines still suck.
    18. celibate

      everyone has to make money for living

      'and they say he's mentall'....July in the weeds....

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