"World Peace..." review by Michael Alarcon - Outsideleft

This review seems to place the blame of "World Peace" not on Morrissey, but the people he surrounds himself with--namely Jesse Tobias.

"Don't blame Morrissey for the banality of "World Peace is None of Your Business." Blame the people he chooses to surround himself with."

Full review here:

MICHAEL ALARCON: MORRISSEY IS DEAD - Outsideleft.com (longtime Morrissey champions)
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A wonderful review that must have "Morrissey" breaking open the champagne. Here's the money quote, no need to read the rest of the twaddle if you haven't done so:

"Morrissey/Whyte partnership worked. Whyte wrote to Morrissey's aesthetic, and for the Smiths apostles. Exciting days, indeed."

For the exhausted nostalgists who haunt "Morrissey" online and debase his shows with their "fan/apostle" drivel, these are troubling times. For the real "Morrissey" at war with the fake "Morrissey" there's nothing left to do but forge ahead with Creative Destruction: of the fan-base, the heritage industry around 'that band' and that historic fossil "Morrissey" so he can escape from the premature grave of his recent artistic oblivion.

It is indeed pleasing that the Bristol-Londinium "massive attack" mash-up "World Music Is Local Music" landscapes, which Robert Plant is also using, are causing consternation and alarum at redundant FM American Radio Friendly Unit Shifter HQ's. It's now a fight to the death between "Morrissey" and "Morrissey". Who will win? Will the genuine Outsider artist escape the death-zone of Dad Rock or will the careerist "Morrissey" once again thwart the next episode by allowing a Green Day pub rock abortion remix of WPINYB to escape through the Harvest P.R compression chamber? Or, horror of horrors, give in and retreat to the safe, warm Lancashire comfort zone of twiddly Byrds riffs as if it's still 1984....?

Easily his best ever work as a singer, lyricist and agent provocateur. No wonder he became ill having to go out every night and face the same old Trustafarian faces. Time to now destroy the live experience such that none of the Heritage Industry casualties can bear to set foot inside. Again, Robert Plant provides a useful guide. Take 'those' songs from the dim, distant past and trash, hash, re-mix, upcycle, re-imagine them into a new and exultant iteration. Is this new "Morrissey" up to it? Or will the old, timid, endlessly boasting but actually coasting for decades "Morrissey" do the whole "Smiler With Knife" thing to "Morrissey" again? Robert Plant is also musing over just how many versions of "Robert Plant" are possible, and why he's grateful none of his current comrades in music have ever been in a "rock band"

"Plant balances his own swampy blues with a handful of Zep classics for an affecting set from a man remoulding his history"

More accordion!

best wishes
in a bayou beyond Baton Rouge

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I don't work, but I certainly don't laze and graze all day. When we were married we had little money, but since then my husband's career has taken off and my company closed down, so we decided I wouldn't return to work. I'm actually busier now than I was then-volunteering, running the house, etc.

However, I do know women who marry a man with the expectation they would be spending their days shopping while the cleaning lady ensured their huge house was perfect.

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