"World Peace..." L.A. billboard - photos by Clover Dean (mozzeriansaroundtheworld / Tumblr)

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    May 5, 2014
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    1. fredkocherpepsi
      Re: billboard

      That is neat.
    2. Anonymous
      Re: billboard

      Of course his number one LA stalker Clover Dean took the photo.
    3. GlasgowChivas
      Re: billboard

      Still using the uncorrected image, I see.
    4. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Too bad they didn't fork up the money to put some more of those in major cities...
    5. Anonymous
      Re: billboard

      these stalker people are extremely annoying good gawd .........
      it makes me glad I do not live there.
    6. Anonymous
      Hey, that looks nice plus its a lovely summer day.
      Its not the same over here !

    7. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      Oh god, that horrid "clone stamp" photoshop butchering blown up for all to see. What a nightmare.
    8. CamilleSebastianMelmoth
      What is the corrected version look like?
    9. markmustb1
      I agree, it didn't take long to see this as his worst looking album cover
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    10. Iamjbeastly
      No esten hablando desmadre si no les gustan las fotos de clover dean. Simplemente sigan a otro punto y dejen que los demas disfruten de las fotos!!
    11. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Speak English.
    12. joe frady
      joe frady
      So far the UK promo print campaign features 'uncorrected' 'correct' version (ie less brick cloning and more worry lines on brow, etc; P. conscientiously identified & dutifully listed all the discrepancies on some old thread) ~




      It remains to be seen what version the final record sleeve will employ. Maybe, if we're really lucky, we'll get differently 'shopped images in different 'territories'.

      Amazon UK gets less shabby Gallic brickwork than Amazon US ~




      but I'm really hoping that my 150 bucks gets me this beauty from the 'Universal Morrissey Store' ~


    13. Anonymous
      I can't believe that's the album cover- it's horrid. The clone stamp and the fact that Moz himself is photoshopped to hell is very Unappealing.
    14. CrystalGeezer
      At least they fixed the clone stamp.
    15. Anonymous
      All I've been looking at is the shoes to see if they are converse and high or low top.
    16. Ryan
      1) Why did they have to photoshop an original image for the cover of a brand new album?

      2) How could they be so clumsy and leave cloned bits without it being noticed?

      3) ..... Can't believe how shitty this all is/looks, marketing-wise.
    17. Anonymous
      Re: billboard

      Were glad you don't live here either.
      What are you doing on here, by the way?
      Please leave.
    18. George the 23rd
      George the 23rd
      Nah, Maladjusted is definitely his worst album cover. Anyway, the album cover isn't a measure of the musical quality; one of Morrissey's greatest album covers (Kill Uncle) is also his worst musically.

      For World Peace, I would have preferred this image that surfaced a while ago (but with Morrissey instead)-
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    19. GlasgowChivas
      I like the cover, bar the cloned plants, which I hope are corrected before release.

      It's a striking visual. I don't get all the complaints about the t-shirt, the converse, the smoothing of the wrinkles etc. Do we really need to have another studio shot image for the cover? With Moz suited and booted? While I wasn't sold on the orange font and text at first, I've also come around on it.

      I'm imagining rows and rows of the album in the shops on release and it'll look great - you won't be able to miss it.

      The image above of Moz's nephew is ok but it's trying too hard to be "Moz-like" that it almost reads as a parody. Again, I'm grateful that the man charts his own course and went with the image that he did.

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