"World Peace..." #1 album in Louder Than War Writers Top 10 Albums of 2014

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    Louder Than War Writers Top Ten Albums of the Year 2014: 10 to 1 - Louder Than War

    1. Morrissey – World Peace Is None of your business (Capitol/Harvest)

    Well in all honesty what else did you expect? The votes came back and with a pretty difinitive majority Morrissey came in first. It just goes to show that even with all his detractors over the years he just keeps on making great albums that still mean an awful lot to many of us.Katie Clare sums up why she voted for this album as top of her list – ‘Dry humoured, operatically wistful and speckled with lyrics of twisted affectation and snarky sarcasm define a stylistic, satirical and divisive album that will continue to pay dividends for many years to come.’

    Obviously after an interview?

    Still nice to see the album get some recognition, an album that will be remembered as Morrissey's lost LP
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    1. Anonymous
      itll be a lost classic
    2. docinwestchester
    3. Uncleskinny
    4. marred
      Check behind the sofa.
    5. Anonymous
    6. Bluebirds

      Uh no that would be Kill Uncle. Or Years of Refusal
      As you were.....
    7. fredkocherpepsi
      Great album. Still my #1 album of 2014. Listening to it now, as it were.
    8. Pokey
      "Obviously after an interview" .. just had to slip that in there! Wouldn't be a Morrissey-Solo front page article without something trying to take the shine off anything positive, no matter how minute. A subtle little hint that the only reason the album got the number 1 spot was that the author was fishing for an interview. Nice job adding that comment to the rest of the story David T. Of course anyone could make that comment in the comments section, but its promoted to the top/main article.
      It's small fry, but its funny seeing the agenda at work still!
    9. davidt
      I was just going to include the link but then saw that several people had replied to the comment by the original poster so I felt it best to leave it in. With the way the story promotion works, the comments would be confusing if the context of the original comment was removed.

    10. Pokey
      Yeah if that comment was removed I'd be sitting here just going "oh god I just don't understand, it says Morrissey's album was number 1, but what does that mean??"
    11. davidt
      I'm talking about the comments that already exist and are attached to the story.

    12. Pokey
      I know you are, but that is an extremely poor excuse. You know it's not confusing. I don't see anyone having discussion based on that which would suddenly look strange if the comment were not there.
    13. davidt
      Well I think we have a difference of opinion.

      If you go to the main page article:

      And read the first comment that shows up:

      It doesn't make sense if the context of the original comment were removed. Perhaps there is an agenda on the Louder Than War side? Perhaps not, it's up to the individual to make up their mind.

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    14. CrystalGeezer
      Why is everyone fighting! It's Christmas FOR FUCKS SAKE.
    15. Pokey
      No, there's an agenda from yourself and other cronies haha

      What does the first comment have to do with anything? That comment is based on the album, I don't think it has anything to do with the comment implying the only reason the album got number 1 was that the author was fishing for an interview. You're trying to create context that isn't even there to justify trying to put a negative spin on things, no matter how small or subtle. It's just amusing more than anything else watching you operate.
    16. davidt
      The first comment was based on the content of the original poster's post, that you want censored.

      I wouldn't have personally included that comment if I had found the link and posted it but the original poster did. You can criticize them for their words, but don't turn it around as the site's 'agenda', take a look at who is actually responsible. 'Positive' comments in other stories are included also, why is this one the only you use as your example?

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    17. Pokey
      So you're telling me that if "Obviously after an interview?" was removed, that no one would have a clue what "itll be a lost classic" would mean?

      No I'm not criticising the original poster, I'm criticising you for adding it to the main page because you like the negative connotation it carries. They added their 2 cents on the article, which would be fine as part of the comments section, but it was your decision to advertise it on the main page because it suits your agenda. Sorry, I guess I just thought the person who, you know, owns and moderates the site was responsible for what gets promoted to the main page.
    18. davidt
      I promoted the original post to the main page and decided not to remove the 2 cents as other users have already commented on it, I didn't actually add anything.

    19. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Years of Refusal is great!

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